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am ok :) wbu?

yeah itz ma babe... channing tatum ;D

Posted: 10-01-13 19:02 by Sabah

Hmm imm good :) wuu2? do you have exams aswel?? 

Hahahhaa ;) loool...all urs :P 

Posted: 10-01-13 19:03 by adfv

:) ummm tryin 2 revise....yeah got 1 left...

ha yeah he iz :)

Posted: 10-01-13 19:05 by Sabah

loool awww good luckk with em :) 

Hahhaahaha!! :P 

Posted: 10-01-13 19:08 by adfv

thnx..buhh i need more than luk :|

Posted: 10-01-13 19:09 by Sabah

its okayy :) awww dw im sure youll do finee :D 

Posted: 10-01-13 19:14 by adfv

yeah i hope so...

Posted: 10-01-13 19:15 by Sabah

yepp :D jus revise and youll be fine :)

Posted: 10-01-13 19:17 by adfv

yeah....but i cant revise..cant mind is somewhere else :|

Posted: 10-01-13 19:18 by Sabah

hmmmmmmmm where? if u dnt mind me askingg 

Posted: 10-01-13 19:26 by adfv

hmmmm....welll with all the good times ive had wiv akeel :|

Posted: 10-01-13 19:27 by Sabah

whatt? :(  why? khan said something bout you two, whats happend? 

Posted: 10-01-13 19:28 by adfv

u knw what, its probably just a phase.. dont worry everythng will be okay :)

Posted: 10-01-13 19:29 by adfv

ummmm..i dunno tbh....i think hes ignoring me :|

alll i dat some gurl asked him out...buhhh i hav no idea wat he sed

i hope itz just a phase...buhh i doubt it..itz been a week now :(

Posted: 10-01-13 19:41 by Sabah

if ur wondering wether i sed yes to i didnt...

Posted: 10-01-13 20:08 by Akeel 786

Aww see sabah!! :) 

That girl shud be blamed for askn him ouut when he's with you!! :/ 

Posted: 10-01-13 20:27 by adfv

yeah...ik :) y r u ignoring me 4?

Posted: 10-01-13 20:29 by Sabah

im not...ik i hant talked 2 u...itz just ive been busy

nd i dnt knw y ur worrying bout her...lyk i sed i only eva fell in love with 1 gurl...nd i wanna be with that 1 gurl for ever.. :)

yeah zainab i told her tho :) soo u nd khanny.... ;) haha

Posted: 10-01-13 20:38 by Akeel 786

heyyy zainab :))

Posted: 10-01-13 20:51 by Waqar Khanny :)

lmao....sabah wth??? ur pic? lol :)) haha

nd akeel....f*kin bout tym u came 2 ur senses :)

Posted: 10-01-13 20:52 by Waqar Khanny :)

heyyy khannn :D :D u okayy? :):)

And akeeel... ermm umm LOOOL 

Posted: 10-01-13 21:12 by adfv

hmmm i am now xD


Posted: 10-01-13 21:13 by Waqar Khanny :)

lol shurrup khan oh nd wat u gt a f*kin phone 4 if u dnt even pick up? text me ernies numba

lmao zainab...speechless? hmmmm lol :D

Posted: 10-01-13 21:26 by Akeel 786

ohhh 3 miss calls from akeel LMAO....dude chyll out....illl giv u hiz numba.....lmao.... :P

Posted: 10-01-13 21:29 by Waqar Khanny :)

Awwwww :D well so am ii :D

Hahahahah akeel...emmm LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 

Posted: 10-01-13 21:31 by adfv