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any good mvies to watch?

Posted: 05-01-13 18:04 by Former Member

flight :D 

Posted: 05-01-13 20:49 by adfv

lol yh seen that...rembr.. 

Posted: 05-01-13 21:38 by Former Member

lol :) hd fun :)

Posted: 05-01-13 22:21 by FML

the hobbit.... not normally my sort of movie but it was great

Posted: 06-01-13 17:31 by XXD!

lol. dnt lke mvies lke that bt i wtchd it n it was good :)

Posted: 06-01-13 20:57 by FML

ummmm all da bourne movies


taken 1 nd 2

x men

fast nd furious---all 5



ohhhh nd u hav 2 watch devil :)

oh nd da horrid henry movie lol XDD

Posted: 07-01-13 11:00 by Sabah

taken 2 was GOOODDD :D LOOL 

Posted: 07-01-13 14:00 by adfv

loll yeh insiduous was SIK. devil seen tht too n lol horrid henry? haha

lol yh z it ws sik :)

Posted: 07-01-13 14:11 by FML


Posted: 07-01-13 14:39 by adfv

Heeyyy sabah :D how are you?:)

Posted: 07-01-13 16:24 by adfv

lool yeah haha incideous was 2 siik XDD lol nd yeah horrid henry was ik am 2 old buhhh stilll it was gud :)

heyyyyyyyy love ;D hahah XD wbu? :)

Posted: 07-01-13 16:28 by Sabah

heeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyy :D LOOOL awwwwww!! with who? akeel ? looool ;) and yeppp im gooood :D 

Posted: 07-01-13 16:33 by adfv

lol il try n wthch horid henry hhaha. z remnd me :)

Posted: 07-01-13 16:56 by FML

no im not gna remind you :) youre old enough to remember yourself :)

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Posted: 07-01-13 17:05 by adfv

lol umm i luv im all da tym XDD

nahhh met anova cute 1!!!! lol ohhh he was bare fit nd dat XDD

loool yeahhh u hav 2 watch it XDD dont forget 2 sing along XDDD lol

Posted: 07-01-13 17:07 by Sabah

LOOOOL omg! ahhahahaha. seriously sabah?! 

LOOOOOOOOOL he probably will sing along ahhhaha

Posted: 07-01-13 17:09 by adfv

lol hmmm yeah......................ohhhhhh-mmmmm-gggg   lmao :P

bare fit...seriously :D

Posted: 07-01-13 17:11 by Sabah

lol yh i wnt frgt. XD z i knw u wil 

Posted: 07-01-13 17:12 by FML

zain* LOL

Posted: 07-01-13 17:12 by FML

lol.....betta not..oh nd rememba 2 record it yeah..i wanna see :P

Posted: 07-01-13 17:13 by Sabah


yeaahhhhhh omg :P hahhahahahahahhahaa

Posted: 07-01-13 17:13 by adfv

LOL...hhahaha...seriously? lol XDD

ohhhh nd got guud news...khannnyz shareef now lol XDD

Posted: 07-01-13 17:16 by Sabah

lol record it? haha

 zain :( Lol. oiiiii ur mean 

Posted: 07-01-13 17:16 by FML

yeah yara...record it...u knw wen ya sing along XD

Posted: 07-01-13 17:18 by Sabah