Any good books to read ?

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♥ Secret ♥ wrote:

bye.. tc

I've just finished praying...Hi. 

Posted: 29-10-12 17:21 by Aneesa

Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch wrote:

yep, it's sad, i have to read these 2 books for english but they are so boring ad confusing it's hard to get into them

oops i ment to say and, lol typos XD

Posted: 29-10-12 17:23 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

If you liked 'The Book Thief', Markus Zusak has written other stuff - 'I am the Messenger', for example (although it has a completely different subject matter).

If you're OK with fantasy, there's Mortal Engines by Philip Reeve, Railsea by China Mieville, Incarceron by Catherine Fisher or Heroes of the Valley by Jonathan Stroud. I'd particularly recommend Mortal Engines - it's a post-apocalyptic adventure story involving giant mechanical cities and really well-written.

There are plenty of historical novels around as well. Try Kevin Crossley-Holland's work (his Arthur trilogy is a thing of beauty), or anything by David Almond.  Mal Peet's 'Tamar' is pretty good too. And Gerald Durrell's memoirs (My Family and Other Animals) is utterly hilarious.

Finally, there is some 'literary' fiction which you might find interesting. Aravind Adiga writes these darkly humorous tales set in India (look for 'The White Tiger'), while David Mitchell (not the comedian) is just a great storyteller. Go read Cloud Atlas or The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Zoet and you'll see.  And read 'The Owl Service' by Alan Garner because everybody should.

I just realised quite how many books I've ended up recommending. Sorry about that, but I hope that if you read one that you like it as much as I did! :)

Posted: 30-10-12 11:41 by mimsyborogoves

Aw I don't midn you giving me whole list of book recommendations, I will need it..thank youu soo much, i haven't read or even heard of some of these books, so I will read them soon.. thnx

Posted: 30-10-12 11:50 by ? Secret - Team GR

Hey, you're welcome! Happy reading, whatever books you choose to read!

Posted: 30-10-12 12:10 by mimsyborogoves

I recommended "lion boy" a while back, and I just thought I'd add that I read it around the same time as the book theif, and though they're different, they kind of have the same feel about them, if that makes sense?

Posted: 30-10-12 12:25 by Neon

Dw Neon it does make sense.. Im still reading book thief.. then I'll put lion boy next on my list.. thank you !! Is it by.. Zizou Corder ??

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Posted: 30-10-12 14:37 by ? Secret - Team GR

yeah :D

Posted: 30-10-12 15:33 by Neon

I'm re-reading a book called "magyk" it's aimed at a younger audience I think, but it's really funny :L

Posted: 03-11-12 15:41 by Neon

anything by haruki mirakami 

especially 1q84

i love all his books, hes an internationall bestseller and all his boks are amazingly written 

i seriously recomend them!!

Posted: 03-11-12 18:58 by Rita

thanks.. whats the main themes in his books..

Posted: 03-11-12 19:05 by ? Secret - Team GR

hmm hard to describe
well i just read 1q84 and its two different stories, one of a man  and one aof a woma

they both have very different and interesting in their own way lives
each chapter is told froma different point of view and the two stories slowly spirral towards each other linking the two characters together
the title 1q84 comes from the fact that the story is set in 1984 Japan but the world itself has seemed to shift so Aomame, the main female character, calls it 1q84, a world with a question inside it.

its a bit fantastical and fictional but still really down to earth, and seemes to deal with everday problems. 

the reason i like it so much is because it is so beautifully written, I have literally never read a book that was so good (and i have read a lot of books) 

i really sujest reading it if you want the overview of the plot line then follow this link

Posted: 03-11-12 19:15 by Rita

sorry i got a bit carried away and wrote you a little essay _ _ll

Posted: 03-11-12 19:16 by Rita

sorry i got a bit carried away and wrote you a little essay _ _ll

Posted: 03-11-12 19:16 by Rita

lol dont worry its okay :) it sounds cool, ill put that on my list.. thanks..

Posted: 03-11-12 19:20 by ? Secret - Team GR

no worries
hope you like it :) 

Posted: 03-11-12 19:27 by Rita

lol margarita, I think essays are okay on this thread, because we're all readers here! :D

Posted: 03-11-12 22:37 by Neon

oh, and another book I read around the same time as magyk, the book theif and lion boy was his dark materials, the first 2 books of the inheritance cycle, and tunnels, which I don't know the author of... but is a bizzar and facinating concept 

Posted: 03-11-12 22:39 by Neon

loool XD Well said Neon :)

Neon wrote:

lol margarita, I think essays are okay on this thread, because we're all readers here! :D

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Posted: 04-11-12 13:37 by ? Secret - Team GR

and now, I have half a chunky book to eat with my eyeballs, please excuse me :L

Posted: 04-11-12 13:39 by Neon

u okay Neon ? ;)

Posted: 04-11-12 13:40 by ? Secret - Team GR

Sorry to interrupt but a good book to read is Dewey - it is such a sweet and funny book. It's a real life story about a cat - sounds lame but it was actually one of the best books I've read. 

It's hilarious but also really sad - I cried for like the last 3 chapters. (I'm not really selling it well).

It's by Vicki Myron. =]

Posted: 04-11-12 14:12 by Former Member

dont worry.. 

thank you for your recommendation :)

Posted: 04-11-12 14:17 by ? Secret - Team GR

Pat barker regeneration... Great book mostly about this dude in a hospital who is suffering from shell shock true story and real life characters... Mainly connected to ww1

Posted: 04-11-12 21:33 by sharaan

lol, yeah, I'm fine thanks, why? :L I finished the book btw :)

Posted: 04-11-12 21:45 by Neon