Any good books to read ?

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Any recommendations of any good book I could read ?????????

Posted: 02-10-12 20:33 by ? Secret - Team GR

The Spook's apprentice by Joseph Delaney

Mortlock by John Mayhew

Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

Also if you prefer something different from these Jane Eyre is really good and classics such as Tess of the D'urbervilles and Far from the madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy.

Posted: 02-10-12 20:51 by Alice Deane

michael grant- gone

james patterson- maximum ride


christopher paolini- the inheritance cycle

lemony snicket- a series of unfortunate events

in a completely different genre, a thousand splendid suns by khaled hosseini is good, but very sad

Posted: 03-10-12 10:10 by Neon

oh, and I really enjoyed sherlock holmes :)

Posted: 03-10-12 10:10 by Neon

if you want more, I have a tonn, just say XD

Posted: 03-10-12 10:11 by Neon

oh, and his dark materials (the golden compass)

Posted: 03-10-12 10:11 by Neon

thank you !!!!! i am officialy dying without my books :( 

Posted: 03-10-12 16:50 by ? Secret - Team GR

I hardly have any time to read anymore :(

Posted: 03-10-12 16:56 by Thegirlwhoknewtoomuch - Team GR

The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz is a good one it's a Sherlock Holmes story and the Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini is a very good one really sad though 

Posted: 03-10-12 17:07 by Amba

my life is never complete without books ;) i know i sound like a sad person

thanks guys for your recommendations :) 

Posted: 03-10-12 17:35 by ? Secret - Team GR

i am number 4 by pittacus lore= best book ever

the hunger games

Posted: 03-10-12 17:51 by BeckyXX

There's also the power of six (the next book to i am number four) it's very good 

Posted: 03-10-12 18:17 by Amba

dude... I can honestly claim to to have read brisingr (3rd book of the inheritance cycle) 5 times... it's 748 pages, with tight spacing and fairly small font :P it takes me about 2 days if I'm reading it casually :L I was SENT OUT OF A LESSON for reading it under the table... and tried to take it with me XD you aren't sad, you're bookish, and that is an EXTREMELY good personality trait to have :D

Posted: 03-10-12 22:45 by Neon

The morganville series by rachel caine is quite good if u like vampires n stuff..
I enjoyed the Alex rider series by Anthony Horowitz...they were amazing
N obviously theres the hunger games which is a must read!!
Ermm..oh lemony snicket a series of unfortunate events is really good too...i loved the movie...:D i luv bookss!! Lol

Posted: 04-10-12 18:27 by S.H

yes, cupcake id right, HG is a must! aslo, Cherub is really good (about child spies)

Posted: 04-10-12 18:30 by Neon

Ive heard about Cherub but i havent read it yet...maybe i need to...:)

Posted: 04-10-12 18:32 by S.H

loool im readin the cherubs right now :)

Posted: 04-10-12 19:32 by ? Secret - Team GR

Aww Neon ur soo sweet.. thnx.. lool i get in trouble too for readin books wen im not to :) but books are my life <3

Posted: 04-10-12 19:33 by ? Secret - Team GR

So far how much would u rate it out of 10?

Posted: 04-10-12 19:34 by S.H

at least an 8, it's really spot on, if orphaned kids became spies, that's how they'd be :) the plots are interesting and SO exciting, oh god, I honestly desperately want to be a cherub agent, they get to do like... proper army training :O

Posted: 04-10-12 21:06 by Neon

Neon, u mke the book sound so exctin.. im only on book one still.. started it today.. nearly finishin it.. n i hve to say it is sooooooooooo good.. i wld give it 8.. but im still readin it so the ratin mite go higher

Posted: 04-10-12 22:19 by ? Secret - Team GR

secret- yes. oh my god. I would KILL A CHICKEN USING ONLY A BIRO (if you know what I mean) to get a shot at that training! :P

cupcake- I'm just being honest... it's so cool I swear :D

Posted: 05-10-12 00:08 by Neon

Lol u make it sound So gud dat i hve to read it now... :D

Posted: 05-10-12 07:57 by S.H

wooo! :D I hope you really enjoy them :) the first one is called the recruit :D

Posted: 06-10-12 21:58 by Neon

The Perks of being a wall flower

Posted: 14-10-12 18:52 by Dayna