Any doing SHORT course PE?

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Any advice or tips on short course PE, as I cannot find much Revision notes or how to revise PE?

Thank you!

Rhiannon x

Posted: 25-04-11 12:23 by Rhiannon Britten

Heyya Rhiannon,

I don't know much about short course pe apart from it's a little bit less then full course. but anyways what type of stuff are you learning? is it GCSE? i might be able to help you (even though i done it last year but my brother is doing it)

And for the revision here's some things you could try:

  • revision cards
  • cross sticks,rhymes or something that can be related to in everyday life and make as silly as you can- for example if you are doing the spine you could use Chris (cervical) The (thoracic) Legend (lumber) Sucks (saccrum) his Cat (coccyx). strain- before you cook a MUSCLE you have to strain it- i think you've got it- just look through your file and if you see anything like these make one up- by the end you might have remembered it anyways need any help post something up on here
  • songs - check out this link (
  • make up games with friends ( when i done pe the teacher made up a game with lots of hexagens with a letter in the middle in it, we were on two teams, and the letter inside that hexagen we chose was the first letter of that answer and we had to move across without going straight answering the questions correctly, the first team across won- maybe you and some friends could try this with eachother at lunch times you need a minimum of five people)
  • nag a teacher for mock exams or questions
  • revision club (if your school has them)
Posted: 26-04-11 17:55 by Hayley

THANK YOU! Thank you so much for all of this help! x

Posted: 27-04-11 17:26 by Rhiannon Britten

it's ok

what stuff are you learning/need help with i can upload more ***

Posted: 28-04-11 10:45 by Hayley

Most things like Power, co-ordination and things like that :/ x

Posted: 29-04-11 16:25 by Rhiannon Britten

Health related fitness

Cardiovascular fitness/endurance- the ability to exercise your whole body for a long time

muscular strength- the amount of force a muscle can exhert

flexibility- the range of movement avalible at a joint

body composition- the percentage of weight that is fat, muscle and skin

Way to remember



Flex (their)


follow the links below some of my resources may help you xxxx

I hope that these will help you in the preperations to your exam

Good Luck with a four leaf clover xxxx



Posted: 30-04-11 11:25 by Hayley

learn a page a day

Posted: 28-10-11 11:00 by aliimz

Yep and I wouldn't bother revising much or atall I didn't and I got an A most of its just common sense so only spend around an hour revising it the night before right out some key points learn key words and you'll be fine just concerntrate on reviing for other subjects don't waste to much time on shortcourse PE (I didn't choose to do shortcourse it's boring) ;)

Posted: 13-01-12 23:56 by Omletty