Any budding Classicists out there?

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Posted: 08-01-11 17:32 by Rebecca


Posted: 17-01-11 17:29 by George

umm, i like classical music - does that count?

Posted: 11-03-12 13:04 by Leah

what's a classicits?? ((feeling kinda stupid :/))

anyway... i like the sound of musical instrument... but I can't any D': [I wish I could ^_^]

Posted: 12-03-12 12:02 by Fyzah :p


i don't know what a classicits is either) :)

Posted: 13-03-12 20:39 by Leah

lol ;)

From this moment onwards you must called me Agent F :P

Posted: 14-03-12 10:05 by Fyzah :p

Ok, agent F :D

Posted: 14-03-12 22:58 by Leah

lool oh my days look what our initials spell out fyzah, m and leah....

FML!!! xD

Posted: 15-03-12 11:02 by M


we're so epic 8)

whoop whoop

agent M, you genius ;)

Posted: 15-03-12 11:33 by Fyzah :p

hahahaaa thanks ;) i was eagerly awaiting you two to read this! that is our new name :P

Posted: 15-03-12 11:39 by M

whoop whoop go team FML!!!

hey, we should make a study group!!


* feeling epic *

Posted: 15-03-12 13:04 by Fyzah :p