Any advice on how to manage time effectively during a history paper (WJEC) there's a really long question at the end of the paper!

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Any tips on effective time management during this exam? I'm sitting the German paper.

Posted Sun 31st March, 2013 @ 20:30 by Turquoise lemon

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go through the paper and identify the easy/short ones and long/hard ones, i suggest you start with the hard ones or longer ones as you can go back to them and add more after you've finished the paper. Aslong as you have a go at answering all/most of the questions you should be fine good luckk! :D

Answered Fri 12th April, 2013 @ 20:26 by miri
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Write out before hand all the important points for each topic. The key points for L of N, Treaty of Versailles, Weimar and the sub-sections of Hitler's Germany. Then try and use past exam papers to practise, making sure you write in all the relevant key points and any extra information the question needs.

It's just a case of knowing the really important facts and keeping your answers relevant to the question. Is it for GCSE?

Good luck

Answered Sat 13th April, 2013 @ 15:39 by Becky
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I agree with Becky, I took this paper at GCSE and would suggest for time management making a plan. This seems silly but it will help you focus more on the question, and so stop you going off on a rambling session - which saves time you can then spend on other questions :) Main thing is not to panic, otherwise you'll find it hard to think, and so loose time that way.

You could answer longer questions first, as this could be good if you want to get the 'scary' questions over with first. Though I start with the shorter questions, as this allows me to 'warm up' before starting the higher point question.

Good luck with your GCSE! :)

Answered Mon 15th April, 2013 @ 12:07 by Lizzie M