any 1 knw any gud movies 2 wtch?!?!?!?!?!?!? =)

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oh come on beelal...we are friends right?? and friends do not forget each other xD xxxxx i promise xD xxxxx :*

Posted: 09-06-12 22:16 by Namita

lol true , but not unless u find a fit bf that make su forget me XD Xxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:21 by Braniac

well as the chances of THAT happening is very i think we r good here xD xxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:22 by Namita

lol if the chances r slim then ill increase them ===> ill findu a guy who is better than me (that shuld be easy ==> so many dudes better than me xxxx)

Posted: 09-06-12 22:26 by Braniac

well....if that ever comes true...i will believe u -shrugs- xxxxxx

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Posted: 09-06-12 22:26 by Namita

have faith, if not im all urs XD priya shuld find a boy easily n a better one so wuldnt need me XD xxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:27 by Braniac

hmmm...i stick by what i said -shrugs- xxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:29 by Namita

anyway guys...i am gonne go now...i shall join this convo tomorrow xD love you xxxxxxxxxx <3

Posted: 09-06-12 22:30 by Namita

awhh okaii luff youu too may the odds be ever in your favour xD :D xxxxxx have a good nighty too and sweettiee dreams :D xxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:31 by priya777

luve u to may the odds be ever in your favour xD, sweet dreams ill pop in ur dreams later to show u my ugly face ===> oh no it turns out to be a nightmare XD xxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:33 by Braniac

awwww...thanks priya...goodnight and sweetdreams to u too xD xxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:33 by Namita

thankyou :D xxxx 

Posted: 09-06-12 22:34 by priya777 wont be a nightmare!! it would be the best dream in the world..i am looking forward to seeing you xD xxxxxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:35 by Namita

lol thnx bye bbz luv u xxxxxx

Posted: 09-06-12 22:36 by Braniac

hi guys:)

Posted: 09-06-12 22:46 by Leah

hi leah ;D ***

Posted: 09-06-12 23:22 by Braniac

Hi beelal, how are you hun? :) x

Posted: 09-06-12 23:24 by Leah