any 1 knw any gud movies 2 wtch?!?!?!?!?!?!? =)

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LOOL kwl imma on dee bus dere... ;) **

Posted: 08-06-12 14:20 by в

lol ;D **

y cum on bus ill send a cr 4 u (i hate busses euuugggghhhh =P )

Posted: 08-06-12 14:22 by waqar


* walking bck home *

send a taxi for meeh den ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 14:23 by в

lol k babez itz on itz way ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 14:25 by waqar

*after aa loooooooooooooooooonng drive tuu whereva yue are *

Im hereeee! open thaa door! :P

Posted: 08-06-12 14:27 by в

lol bbez itz open cum on in ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 14:30 by waqar

im in.... oohhh wat a posh house XP

Posted: 08-06-12 14:35 by в

lol itz gud aint it

nw wt do u tink bout me??? ;)xxxxx

Posted: 08-06-12 14:37 by waqar

Ermmmm ... hmmm prettyy gwd aswell! XD

Posted: 08-06-12 14:37 by в

lol ;) thnx bbe xxxx

nw ur lukin WOW lol i dnt tink ill be able 2 stp lukin at u ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 14:38 by waqar


Ssshhhh.. lets get playing ....... I meen thee wid the PS3 lool X__X

Posted: 08-06-12 14:39 by в

lol yeah b4 i end up doin smefin else ;)***

sooooooooo wt gme u wanna play on da ps3 =P

Posted: 08-06-12 14:41 by waqar


sumfinn kwlll.... im **** at football shizza 

* yur profile *   PEACE XD   << dahhs mii numba one motto lool wat yr yuee?

Posted: 08-06-12 14:42 by в

im in yr 11 wbu??? ;)

lol ur **** at footy =P ill teach u hw 2 play

or we cud play blck ops or mw3 sup 2 u =P

Posted: 08-06-12 14:43 by waqar

Yr 10 ^^

Lool okaii yue cn teach meeh buhh im soo frikin cold.. that weather is just soo rubbish atm!

Posted: 08-06-12 14:44 by в

lol kwl =P

dnt wrry im on it * tkes of hiz tp nd puts it on baaayyyy* =P

Posted: 08-06-12 14:45 by waqar

Awwwwww fanx :$   <3 LOOL

waaaiit.. yue dnt hav a top  on now 0.o lol

Posted: 08-06-12 14:49 by в

lol =P ur welcum bbe

itz k im fne ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 14:50 by waqar

0.o lool soo wat we gonna doo den.. the weathers rubbish tu attempt to play fottie?

Posted: 08-06-12 14:51 by в

lol soz 4 da w8 bbe lptp died =P

hmmm welll wtch a movie ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 15:03 by waqar

-_- < silly billy lol jk :D

ermm okaii which one ? action or do yue prefer romantic? :p

Posted: 08-06-12 15:07 by в

hmmm action nd romance in 1 wt do u say??? ;P **

lol =P

oh nd i see uve added me on ur profile ;)**x

Posted: 08-06-12 15:08 by waqar


okaii that kwll .... I guess yuee lyke romanci stuff ^^

Posted: 08-06-12 15:09 by в

yeah bbe i sooo do ;)

hv u gt an idea wt we shud wtch den????

Posted: 08-06-12 15:10 by waqar

ermmm hmmmm action and romance.. no idea wbu? ;)

Posted: 08-06-12 15:12 by в