any1 knw any gud tunes? :)

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asian or english :D

Posted: 17-12-12 09:50 by Sabah

Imran khan all the way

  • ni nachleh
  • amplifier
  • bewafa
  • 40 pra
  • bounce billo
  • hey girl
  • nazar
  • superstar

    i could just go on lol

    But Honey singh has good songs too i.e.

  • gabru
  • brown rang
  • lak 28
  • satan
  • hai mera dil
  • high heels
  • get up jawani

who else


  • carly rae Jepsen- call me maybe
  • rihanna- umberlla
  • rihanna- diomonds
  • rihanna- shut up and drive
  • rihanna- unfaithful
  • ***** cat dolls- the whole album
  • i cant rememeber any more but yeah
Posted: 17-12-12 10:10 by sharaan

sabaah hey!! lool 

junaii kaden :) 

culture shock- tonight :D love that one :D 

dil mera- panjabi hit squad

kamal raja -_- LOOL! 

Lomaticc (love all his songs) :D

anddd raxstar :) LOOL!! 

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Posted: 17-12-12 19:14 by adfv

Raxstar <3

Posted: 17-12-12 21:20 by M

^^ haha! yess hes got an amazing voice :)

Posted: 17-12-12 21:49 by adfv

Bring it home by Dappy ft The Wanted

or Impossible by Shontelle Layne

Posted: 17-12-12 21:53 by XXD!

coool thanx peoples ^_^

Posted: 20-12-12 13:36 by Sabah

z wtf kamal raja? looool. 

Posted: 06-01-13 21:09 by FML

yo kamal raja iz cute! XD

Posted: 07-01-13 10:55 by Sabah

LOOOOOOOOOOOLL!! init sabah. tell him!! exactly haroon!! well if he didnt have a mohawk hed be better :) hahhaha

Posted: 07-01-13 13:58 by adfv

LMAOO! Z? z? z? kill yourslf! :@ if hes cute, thn a mst be PENG :P

Posted: 07-01-13 14:14 by FML


you and peng? whaat a JOKE :D 

Posted: 07-01-13 14:37 by adfv

lol shutup. i am. n u knw it. :)

Posted: 07-01-13 14:42 by FML

ummmm dude....kamal raja...iz wat i calll peng yeah :P

lol yeah z i admit da mowhak iz a bit ott :)

Posted: 07-01-13 16:30 by Sabah

ahaaha haroon NO 

sabah LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL :D :) it is isnt it :) hahha

Posted: 07-01-13 16:34 by adfv

zain YES :) 

lol hes bun... naa m betta :) ask z lol

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Posted: 07-01-13 16:58 by FML

dont call me zain :| silly boy 

ahhahahahaahahahhaa OK then..... LOOOL ur so big headed :| need to get my parrot on you :P 

Posted: 07-01-13 17:04 by adfv

lol ur bettta??? lmao dude i doubt dat XDD lol zainab yeah tell ya parrot ta killl im XDD lol

Posted: 07-01-13 17:09 by Sabah

LOOOL hes sooo big headed sabah :S the parrot hates him already. consider the job done hahaahhaa :P 

Posted: 07-01-13 17:10 by adfv

oiii zain dnt u dre do nything :(

Posted: 07-01-13 17:12 by FML

hahhaha! i will :D 

Posted: 07-01-13 17:15 by adfv

:( :( lol am goin to ahsans. tlk later guyz

Posted: 07-01-13 17:17 by FML

ewwww :S Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :)

Posted: 07-01-13 17:19 by adfv

zain am at hz yard. :) he wntd me tu giv hm ma fne bu i sed no :) evn chngd ma pswd onit. so dw ur sfe :)

Posted: 07-01-13 18:00 by FML

n lol yh sabah, am betta :) serious. thts y zainz gt bare pics of me XD

Posted: 07-01-13 18:09 by FML