Anerobic respiration and exercise

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Not to sure how to answer questions you get on this, any help please?


Posted: 01-02-11 16:14 by Alice Deane

Anaerobic respiration is basically respiration that occurs without the use of oxygen, the word equation is below:

glucose (arrow) lactic acid (+energy)

During vigorous exercise, not enough oxygen is diffused into cells and therefore the body begins to respire anaerobically. When this happens, lactic acid builds up. Therefore when the vigorous exercise is complete, the body inhales extra oxygen to pay back the 'oxygen debt' and breaks down the excess lactic acid.

Hope this helps :)

Posted: 11-02-11 21:28 by tasha

Thank you Tasha, this has definitely helped and you have summarised it very well into something that I can remember and understand better. Thank you!

Posted: 12-02-11 16:32 by Alice Deane