And the Glory of the Lord by Handel

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how do u describe the structure of this piece. i know its not a specific form but it still might come up in the exam

thanx in advance

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Posted: 24-04-11 12:34 by Pui Pui

It's based around 4 motifs which come in one by one and are then repeated and combined. They are:
1. 'And the glory the glory of the Lord'
2. 'Shall be revealed'
3. 'And all flesh shall see it together'
4. 'For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it'
This is what i have been taught... hope it helps

Posted: 24-04-11 16:39 by Katie W


Posted: 24-04-11 18:49 by Pui Pui

I would just say that the structure is an oratorio! At least it's musical analysis! :)

Posted: 03-05-11 11:26 by Chloe

I would go with the 4 motifs, it is an oratorio, but that's not really it's structure.

Posted: 06-05-11 10:28 by Former Member

Oratorio is more context than structure. The four motifs are the main point (:

Posted: 23-11-11 19:47 by Taylor Revert

Is it in sonata or ternary form?

Posted: 28-11-11 16:56 by Georgia

@Georgia Its not either. Its made up of Racitative, Aria, Chorus

Posted: 30-12-11 07:34 by Jo J

Whoops, sorry, thats the whole piece of the Messiah 

Posted: 30-12-11 07:38 by Jo J