American West Laws/Acts 1800's

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Heye :) was just wondering if anyone could lend me a hand with the acts declared in the american west/plains? i know of some of them (timber culture act for example), but i am a bit unclear on thier purposes and details of them? I'm afraid i wasnt paying too much attention in those lessons :S

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Posted: 12-04-11 18:17 by Libby Norman

I used this in revising for my american history

I also used this one, - i used my revision guide to add more bits on
 do you have a revision guide? the cgp one is really good i would advise getting it

Posted: 14-05-11 08:37 by Alex

ah cool, thanks for the reply :)

the timeline is good, never seen that before so will help fill in gaps in my knowledge etc...and no i dont have one for history, but i do have cgp books in physics and a couple of other subjects and yeah they are really good! :)

Thanks very much for the help :)

Libby x

PS your horse is really sweet :D

Posted: 14-05-11 10:55 by Libby Norman

i would reccomend that history book, it's so useful!

Right i have just searched through all my deletd emails and found the timeline i did that i deleted off my computer but my emails has saved it! it would be perfect for you as i included apsoloutley everything!! I was so annnoyed because i thought i had lost it
I'm going to try upload it and if it works i'll post a link :)

Thanks :D

Posted: 14-05-11 13:11 by Alex

There is is, the link should work but id it doesn't just click, it should be one of the first few in my resources

I'd appreciate if you rate if you like it :)

Posted: 14-05-11 13:17 by Alex

So to begin with you have the Homestead Act 1862, the Timber Culture act 1873 and the Desert Land act 1877. All of these were created by the Government to encourage people to migrate to the Plains in order to achieve Manifest Destiny.

  • Homestead Act 1862: Enabled homesteaders to claim 160 acres of land for free so long as they farmed it for 5 years
  • Timber Culture Act 1873: Enabled homesteaders to claim another 160 acres as long as they planted 40 (?) trees
  • Desert Land Act 1877: I think this act enabled homesteaders to buy land cheaply in areas ??
Posted: 23-05-11 20:35 by lbennetts

american west- law and order-

white americans wanted to achieve manifest destiny, they would sacrfice and kill anyhting that got in there way such as buffalo and indians.

it wasnt just indians that were causing trouble, when the gold rush began, mining camps were set up, they had no law or order so they took the law into there own hands. by making courst and stating punshiments such as flogging which is whip, hanging and even banshiments, victims were often accused of something they didnt not do.

there were also too many saloons and men would get drunk and start fightsa for no reason, they also payed prostuides to sleep with them, which caused many fightsin 1874 barbed wire was invented, the homesteaders used it tp protect there land from cattle rancers and cattle, this caused many arugemts.

Posted: 24-05-11 20:56 by meg

Thankyou so much every one!! :) **

Posted: 04-06-11 11:23 by Libby Norman

Good luck :)

Posted: 04-06-11 11:25 by Alex