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Hi, any help on what Alevels to pick:
I've chosen: Psychology, History (predicted A/B at GCSE), French (predicted A at GCSE) and Spanish (got an A in IGCSE). Will I even be able to manage with no A*s? Are these too focused? Any subject that I could do instead of history?

I'm thinking of going into international developments or MFL but I am very unsure. Any advice would be greatly apprieciated!!  

Posted Thu 28th February, 2013 @ 23:35 by Average_Student

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Hi, personally I am currently doing Psychology, Sociology, Biology and French, and I want to pursue a career in psychology, what is recommended for that is, at least two sciences have to be practised at AS and one in A2 (this information varies on the universities you intend to apply to), what you have to do first based on your predicted grades and also the worse possible case scenario in your situation (which would be either Bs to Ds) is to pick five universities that really interest you, and the entry requirements for your course, from there the information given to you will help you make your decisions. Before doing all of that think carefully of the career you want to do, if you want to get into MFL you are on the right track but keep history and psychology like that you will be able to fall back onto those subjects if you don't want to continue languages in the future. Any other questions?

I hope my advice was helpful.

Ps: Psychology is actually amazing, it sounds a bit biased doesn't it?

Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 00:40 by Eliseo Palous
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They seem fine to me! You don't have to get an A* to do well in a subject, if you have the hard work and dedication they you will be fine! French is very hard and history requires lots of date remembering, but a lot of people enjoy psychology and Spanish sounds really interesting! Go for those options if you want to!

Answered Fri 1st March, 2013 @ 17:28 by Joanne