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Section A – Reading


What do you learn from Jan Moir’s newspaper article about where Bruce Parry has been and what he has been doing? (8 marks)

    The headline “Do you really want to be in our Tribe?” tells us that Bruce Parry was part of a Tribe but he didn’t enjoy the experience.

    The image with its explanation “Back home: Bruce relaxes on more familiar turf” tells us that Bruce Parry has been to another country but it was not very relaxing.

    The sub heading “Bruce Parry would rather be called an expeditionary rather than an explorer” tells us that Bruce Parry has been on an expedition to learn about things that are already known rather than things which are unknown.

    The rest of the text tells us that Pruce Parry has been in a television series called “Tribe”. For twelve months he has lived with  various tribes including the Adi people, the cannibalistic tribe of West Papua and the Suri to eat sleep and live the way they do including taking part in rituals and customs.

How do the headline and the whole picture add to the effectiveness of the text? (8 marks)

    The headline “New life revealed in rainforests of the deep” is in bold. It compares rainforests to life under the sea. This improves memory and clarity. A piece of writing will always try to express feelings. The mood created could be fun and excitement or perhaps fear and concern. The feelings should always be in tune with the target audience.

    The pictures are mainly labelled or are diagrams. They improve mood and clarity. Most non-fiction texts are written for people in a hurry, so it is important that the purpose and audience of a text is clear. This will make the right people pick it up and read it. The information within the text also needs to be clearly presented otherwise people will stop reading.

What are some of the thoughts and feelings Mansur has during the journey? (8 marks)

    The first paragraph reads “Akbar has a friend with him and everyone is in high spiits” which tells us that Mansur is in high spirits and feels free. He is singing songs, eats food and wants to scream and shout.

    The second paragraph reads “how beautiful” which tells us that Mansur thinks that from a distance, the plain is beautiful.

    The third paragraph reads “Mansur stares in silence at the awful villages as they pass” which tells us that Mansur is horrified about how the villages have been left after the conflict.

    The fourth paragraph reads “he remembered how he ran around on the paths and fields” which tells us that Mansur’s memories are coming back to him and he feels sad that the villages are un recognisable.





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