Advise movies for family viewing

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Encourage movies for family viewing.  I'd like to find movies to watch with kids, you can and with a Christmas theme.

Posted: 24-11-19 17:17 by sereb

I like the movie One House or Borrowed Hearts

Posted: 24-11-19 21:05 by molliny

You can watch Disney Studios movies. For convenience, I recommend the MAG420 There's a Wi-Fi module in the console. This makes it possible to watch movies as an HDonline. So you can enjoy different movies according to your mood

Posted: 26-11-19 19:09 by irmana

I like A Christmas Prince, Last Holiday. I really like the theme of relationships in movies. I watch movies online. I choose on Watch Movies Free Sites in the United States

 It's convenient for me. I can watch any movie I like at a convenient time for me.

Posted: 13-12-19 20:27 by arnikka

Comedy almost everything is suitable for family viewing.

Posted: 18-12-19 16:48 by Gerder

Watch cartoons. 

Posted: 18-12-19 16:51 by Gerder

I do not like to watch movies, it is better to read books

Posted: 21-12-19 06:19 by frayn