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Hi, im currently studying Art, History, English lang & lit and Spanish at AS level and finding it difficult to decide on a degree/career path?

so from my subjects, can anyone give me any suggestions of what i might be suited to do?

Thanks in advance :)

Posted: 29-10-13 12:43 by Alexa

If you really want a degree, you'd probably be best suited to the humanities - history, art, art history, english. ALso, because you're taking English and Spanish, linguistics or reporting might be good.  But remember you're not confined to what you do your degree in - my uncle has a law degree and is currently running a restaurant. An awful lot of business, govt. ect jobs just need a degree, no specification on what type of degree. 

And if you don't want a degree, there's still plenty of options. You're presumably good at language, because ou're taking English and Spanish - if you can afford the time abroad to familiarise yourself, you may want to look into translation + language consultancy. There's also writing - the obvious novel writing, but also copywriting, journalism, ect. It's a 100% achievable to do those things without a degree, you just need to network a bit.

Now, history is a little harder to find fields in, it's more academic. But if you're willing to put the networking in, you could work with writers + film makers to ensure historical accuracy - I don't know what that's called, but it sounds awesome! You'll probably need a degree for that, though, if only to put on the CV.  

Posted: 09-04-17 08:10 by Ace-Procrastibakes
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Posted: 01-11-18 20:00 by Zara Janjua

You can teach, work as a translator, work for writing service. I think that would be great. You could write for and at the same time, use your knowledge for the purpose. In fact, with your education, you have a lot of options.

Posted: 07-02-20 13:23 by LouieJames