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Currently a student at sixth from, in my last year and preparing for January and summer exams. At the moment applying through UCAS into universities, I have done plenty of research and setteled for Criminology and Law in university. The main carrer I can get with this qualification is getting into the Police force. Even if i do get into the police force what would my job be like? or does it really depend?

Posted: 21-11-12 13:21 by Bella

Hey Bella,

It would completely depend on the part of the police force that you were working in so it's hard to give you an idea. Some people within the police specialise in certain types of crime or work in specialist response units (eg: people traffiking, child abuse crimes, **** etc) whereas others will work in more general areas. There are also teams within the police who works in schools and in the community, whereas other people won't do this direct engagement with different groups.

Take a look at this site to give you an idea of different roles -

More widely a criminology and law degree would set you up for entering loads of different career paths - the majority of careers are open to people with any subject background. For example, the people who work on Get Revising have undergraduate degrees in sociology, linguistics, geology, philosophy and accounting but we've all ended up working in education.

Posted: 21-11-12 14:19 by Emma (admin)