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My God the adverts on the side of the screen are annoying

Posted: 19-06-12 17:13 by Syed Afjal Ali

But the adverts are what fund the GetRevising site!

There's an alternative I use which is to use Firefox and then get the Adblock Plus addon, which prevents any adverts from showing...

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Posted: 19-06-12 17:39 by Ed

Yes but you have to agree that the adverts are still rather annoying

Posted: 20-06-12 14:40 by Syed Afjal Ali

Yeah, although I don't actually get them at the side of the screen cos the Adblock plugin stops them from showing up, you should try it!

Posted: 20-06-12 15:53 by Ed

They're at the top of my screen but they don't move around too much so they aren't distracting so i don't rele mind them being there :D

Posted: 20-06-12 17:09 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

Meh? Cheers EdInABox. I might try the Adblock

Posted: 21-06-12 16:06 by Syed Afjal Ali

hmm... it's strange... because I think they should actually put in more adverts... :P

Posted: 22-06-12 11:41 by Neon

What!?!?! Nononononono I understand why theres adverts but why would they need more.

Posted: 22-06-12 11:49 by Blitzcrank

Yes, i  like the adverts (freak alert) and they fund GR so i'm all for adverts :)

Posted: 24-06-12 13:31 by Leah