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How much advertising offers in the internet do you face daily ?

Posted: 20-05-20 16:53 by MikkeyQ4

Personally, I always use AdBlockers because that's the only way I can be sure that I won't have problems, no matter what site I access.
Before installing AdBlock I always had problems and nerves due to unwanted ads about **** or casino or other topics and things that were already disgusting to me.
I was very lucky that a friend of mine recommended these programs to me and now I can be completely relaxed.
How about you guys?
In case you need more information, this site helped me a lot .

Posted: 20-05-20 17:37 by RoyFollman

Hi friends, I have a problem. When I open my PC, a lot of unnecessary advertising appears to me. I honestly don't know where it came from. I try to close it and it appears again and again, I already don't know what to do.

Posted: 20-05-20 17:38 by GlenCurtis