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A brief guide to our Advantages and Disadvantages table

How do you work out work out the value of something? How do you find out whether its advantages outweigh its disadvantages?

Exam questions often ask you to assess or evaluate. In other words, they are asking you to weigh up the reasons for and against something or its advantages and disadvantages.

In fact the evaluation actually comes when you make your own judgement about which side of the argument is strongest and give your reasons for the decision.

Imagine yourself as the jury in a court. You hear the evidence from both sides (the prosecution and the defence) then you have to discuss all the evidence and reach a conclusion – guilty or not guilty?

Our simple table guides you through this process and is a great way of improving your evaluation skills.

Once it’s complete, subscribers can test themselves on its content.

Try filling some in with friends – do you agree or disagree? Why?

Try our Advantages and Disadvantages table

See an interesting  example of an Advantages and Disadvantages table: School uniform

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