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Name three methods of ADR and state the advantages and disadvantages of then?

I hope this comes up in the exam :D

Posted: 17-05-09 00:30 by chaz

lol thats an easy question

negotiation,arbitration,mediation..quicker,cheap, more accessible,less traumatic than the traditional court system bla bla..what board are you guys doing? Im doing CIE as level law..i gave paper 1 on friday now i have paper 2 on the somewhat prepared but i need some guidance..could you help me out with attempting paper 2?would you know where i can find model answers or smth?I need help desperately my teacher is useless..heres one past paper

if nyone needs help with essays i cna help u out i always know sm gud sites ;)

Posted: 17-05-09 10:55 by Natalya

lol, yeah thats why i want it in the exam, but i'm sure it wont be...examiners are clever we've got OCR and i got a D in my other paper so i'm retaking the judicial precedent one and i've got G142 (unit 2) paper the same day erm, i dont know any good sites with model answers but i know good sites where i revise from: but they suspended it, it was really good can you tell me some of the sites where i can get help. it would be great. i hope you do well in your exam=]

Posted: 17-05-09 21:56 by chaz

Negotiation- is like anyone with a problem will try to solve it by negotiating with the otha party. they might get a solicitor if they *** come to an agreement

adv- private, cheap and quick

mediation- mediator helps both parties to reach an agreement. mediator consults with each party and sees how much common ground there is between them

adv-decision is not legal

concilitaion-similar to mediation. concilator is more active in the process

adv-quicker than using the court



saves court time


they may still need to use the court if ADR fails to solve their dispute

-the mediator or arbitrator does not have enough legal knowledge like a judge

tell me how i did =]

Posted: 18-05-09 14:29 by Smokey