Additional Science P2/B2

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I am doing both of these exams in May, is there any advice or tips on how I could revise these. I seem to be remembering a lot of Biology but cannot remember any Physics?

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you so much!

Rhiannon x

Posted: 25-04-11 11:58 by Rhiannon Britten

I usually write notes on everything i need to know. then test my knowledge with past papers. anything i don't know or understand i just go over and over again

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Posted: 25-04-11 12:02 by Pui Pui

Thank you so much for the advice much appreciated. I have done C2 and got a B, but just really worried about physics! But thank you once again and good luck with your exams (: x

Posted: 25-04-11 12:05 by Rhiannon Britten 

Try doing the tests first and record what you got. Then do some revision (on the website) and re-do the tests to see what improvements have been made. This way you will be able to see the difference and also see where you need to improve.

GOOD LUCK!! :D ***

Posted: 27-04-11 18:15 by Sophie

Thank you so much for this help! I shall try this out (:! x

Posted: 29-04-11 16:22 by Rhiannon Britten