Additional Maths?

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Is anyone doing the additional maths gcse? If so, do you know of any useful revision sites? 

Posted: 10-03-13 16:34 by Mullen

Im not doing the GCSE, do you mean the free standing qualification like a GCSE?

Posted: 11-03-13 11:25 by Darlene

I did it last year, mymaths is quite helpful as the alevel C1 course is similar to it

Posted: 11-03-13 14:49 by G

I did the FSMQ Additional maths with OCR last year, it has really helped me as i do AS Maths now :)

Posted: 12-03-13 17:28 by Joe Brader

Thankyou! Don't you need to have a school code for mymaths though? My school isn't on mymaths anymore 

Posted: 19-04-13 20:43 by Mullen