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I think we should be able to add people on here too and make discussion groups with them people... If you know what I mean

Posted: 17-11-12 14:37 by sharaan

As a subscriber you can message other users directly and commence discussion right now.

It's a good point that creating a 'friends' option to befriend contacts would be useful so we will look into this. Future subscriber developments are likely to include the option to
Create private discussion groups with those you
Invite .I suspect this will be just what you are after.

Posted: 18-11-12 11:24 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

Yeah thank you :D

Posted: 18-11-12 15:35 by sharaan

yeah it is a good idea to be able to chat to people on here privately for revision :) Perhaps being able to make chatrooms? For instance, someone may be able to make a B1 Biology GCSE chatroom so then everyone could chat to eachother about revision and get some essential tips:) maybe include the microphone tool:) 

Posted: 06-01-13 14:28 by Pond

Or perhaps try to get live sessions with official examiners of exam boards to perhaps come and talk to us, answer any questions etc etc :) 

Posted: 06-01-13 14:29 by Pond

It would be great if it was free:)

Posted: 06-01-13 14:29 by Pond

Yeah it would be good if it was free :/

Posted: 06-01-13 15:24 by :) PurpleJaguar (: - Team GR

I think we have primarily the same view here. We are currently looking at how more active subject base discussion can be facilitated. Watch this space for an update in the next few weeks :)

Posted: 06-01-13 15:38 by Pete Barnes: GR Director

i think the messaging feature should be available to those who cannot subscirbe as well as those who have done so.

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Posted: 07-01-13 17:19 by Aisha