Acids + Alkali's Ionising? =S

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Hey guyss! :)

I was hoping that someone could help me this the ionising theory!

Because i dont get it! :$

Thanks!! :)

Posted: 08-05-11 21:26 by Fiyya <3

                                                        Acids and Alkalis:

  • - When ACIDS dissolve in water they produce HYDROGEN IONS (H+)
  • - When ALKALIS dissolve in water they produce HYDROXIDE IONS (OH-)


BASES/ OH- Accept H+ ions to form water:

                      OH-(aq) + H+ (aq) ------>> H20 (water) (l)

Because they behave like this they are known as PROTON ACCEPTORS

(Above), This Was 'Bronsted and Lowry's' Explanation of Acids + Alkalis Behaviours 

                                          Strong and Weak Acids:

Ionisation; Any process in which atoms become charged

  • - A strong acid/alkali is one that is 100% ionised in water.
  • - A weak acid/alkali is only partly ionised in water.

When we compare the two acids which have the same concentration, the stronger acid will have the lower pH

Hope that helped, Good Luck,

Viinz (Frenchie) (: 

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