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What are you opinions on abortion also when does the life of a baby actually begin? Fertilisation? I would like to know your opinions and reasons please. Thank you :)

Posted: 23-02-12 20:01 by Ameenah:)

I'm an atheist so i agree with abortion. 

People have abortions for many reasons, let it be either financial, health of the woman or just choice. 

I think the life of the baby begins when you first feel it 'kicking'. This is what some Muslims believe as well.They believe this is the time when the soul enters the baby. 

Aaron :)

Posted: 04-03-12 20:03 by aaron turner

i am too an atheist and i think that abortion can be good and bad....

1) is someone got ***** they shouldnt have to live with the rapists baby if she doesnt want

2)if the child is mentally disabled, the parents may not be able to cope

3)if the child will grow up to have no life.... loss of money.. bad home conditions


1)people should not use abortion for contraceptive purposes

2) people should were condoms if they dont have plans to have children

I believe that when you first concieve so when the baby is a feotus it is alive so to speak.

Posted: 05-03-12 19:04 by Abitracey

I consider myself to be a non-believer (i.e. I am neither a religious believer, nor an atheist, I can see both sides of the arguement) so in terms of abortion I look at it from an ethical standpoint

For me, it all depends on whether the abortion can be justified such as the mother being *****, only being in their teens, financial reasons, cultural reasons etc

I don't agree with abortions because of the sex of the baby 

I also agree with Aaron's belief that the baby can be considered as being alive when it 'quickens'

Posted: 05-03-12 22:39 by Cara

im a Muslim

  1. how do u know a baby will be handicapped? because of Doctors- no sometimes they get it wrong
  2. what about the sanctity of life? doesnt that apply 2 everyone even the foetus
  3. life is precious and should not be taken away by someone else because they cant cope, i mean why not give it a chance to live, if u cant look after it, give it to someone who can, someone who has wanted a child, put the child up for adoption
  4. being ***** doesnt also mean u have to abort the baby, i mean we're women, strong ppl who must stand up and face circumstances, u may hate the man who ***** u, but that givs u no right to judge the child
  5. Moreover if you did get ****, proper medical care can stop u from getting pregnant- so no need for abortion
  6. abortion also leads to many medical problems so your hurting yourself physically and mentally

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Posted: 17-03-12 13:38 by aliimz

I am a Catholic and my view is that abortion is unneccesary. There are other alternatives such as counselling (which may help in **** situations) or adoption. This preserves life and brings joy to a family who cannot have their own children.

As for it being the mother's choice I do not feel this is fair on the father. What if he wanted to keep it? He has as much a say as the mother as he made half of it.

Posted: 17-03-12 22:30 by Jessica

although im atheist, i disagree with abortion to a certain extent much like the catholic belief..

Posted: 19-03-12 12:44 by Rayanne :)