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I was thinking the other day what with that Ruby incident and everything that it would be good to have a Team GR email address. This email address could be set up and accessed by every moderator + admin. If students need help they can send what they need help with to this one email putting the subject they need help with (and the level) in the subject of the email. Then someone studying the subject at the right level can respond when they have the time. This will prevent users sending too much or making us do their homework and admin will be able to see when it becomes an issue so they can prevent future problems. 

Given that many users email moderators anyway it just seems like a good idea. The email address could be provided when students need help that's too difficult to post on the study groups.

Posted: 21-03-14 17:38 by Tilly - Team GR

I agree!

Posted: 18-04-14 20:45 by Anisa -Team GR

That's a great idea. Did you ever end up creating one? 

Posted: 30-12-14 17:20 by Brittany - Team GR