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yara whadya mean shez not myne? she iz myne...

Posted: 24-01-13 21:59 by Waqar Khanny :)

M dy kanda laik ech ova. fml 

Posted: 24-01-13 21:59 by BigManTing

Wish i cud delete this whole convo

Posted: 24-01-13 21:59 by M

U sed shes not with anyone coz of her bros looll

Posted: 24-01-13 22:00 by M

ye a knoe. azin er brz r da rezn da sh duznt ge wid neywun. 

Posted: 24-01-13 22:01 by BigManTing

gt ridoya comntz 

Posted: 24-01-13 22:01 by BigManTing

So if she cant get with anyone how comes shes khannyz?

Posted: 24-01-13 22:02 by M

Oh u mean js generally

Posted: 24-01-13 22:03 by M

haroon ur pathetic..now u wanna get rid of da comments....if u knew shed be able 2 effin read it...y bloody post it...

Posted: 24-01-13 22:03 by Waqar Khanny :)

ye gnrli 

Posted: 24-01-13 22:03 by BigManTing

jz gerid ov em

Posted: 24-01-13 22:04 by BigManTing

Do u lot go to the same school or smethin? How do u all even know each other?

Posted: 24-01-13 22:04 by M

if i went 2 da same skool as him...he wudda been long gone

Posted: 24-01-13 22:05 by Waqar Khanny :)

Arite ill get rid of the give-away ones bt she can still read khans posts

Posted: 24-01-13 22:05 by M

a knoe z. shz ma ddz m8z daugt. khany duna

Posted: 24-01-13 22:05 by BigManTing

But then how do u know each other?

Posted: 24-01-13 22:06 by M

im not deletin em....

Posted: 24-01-13 22:06 by Waqar Khanny :)

Ooh i see..wonder how khanny knows her

Posted: 24-01-13 22:06 by M

If khan says he wont delete the posts then itll be obvious whats goin on anyway :/ even if i delete mine, mine arent even that much of a giveaway

Posted: 24-01-13 22:11 by M

omfg pliz del em. if sh tlz qaz den am gon

Posted: 24-01-13 22:20 by BigManTing

Haroon.. Watch

Posted: 24-01-13 23:22 by adfv

Alow z daz raw. Hz cald m bou 13 tymz sinz diz monin. Ait am sori.

Posted: 25-01-13 08:15 by BigManTing

If daz wa ya wan. nev ta her fom m gain. Den kl ya wnt . Bu pliz ge qaz outa diz.

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Posted: 25-01-13 08:16 by BigManTing

u probz regret postin all dahh shiytt now dont ya.....

Posted: 25-01-13 15:59 by Waqar Khanny :)