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Lmfao thats too funny....its beginning to look like ur into the sensible ones lool, the ones that dont publicly show that other side to em lol

Posted: 24-01-13 19:57 by M

Then again i cud b wrong lol

Posted: 24-01-13 20:00 by M

cz tbh a wd laik a gyal da hzn fukd roun. sum1 ta taik 2 da fam

Posted: 24-01-13 20:03 by BigManTing

U talkin about the annoyin one?

Posted: 24-01-13 20:05 by M

wa da ya meen noyin wun?

Posted: 24-01-13 20:06 by BigManTing

Oooh lol, an innocent good girl....thats becomin rare these days lol

Posted: 24-01-13 20:06 by M

na am tkn bou da gyal a laik. no da ***** n bbm lmfao 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:06 by BigManTing

Never mind wat i said about the annoyin 1 lol

Posted: 24-01-13 20:07 by M

lol ye. bu a knoe wun do. bu sh dznt c me ani oda wy. 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:07 by BigManTing

Whos this one then?

Posted: 24-01-13 20:08 by M

bu a knoe a ain gein wid er. shz nva gon c me da wy :(

Posted: 24-01-13 20:11 by BigManTing

OMFG hw da ya knoe

Posted: 24-01-13 20:11 by BigManTing

*** am scred **** lol 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:11 by BigManTing

I got brains init :P

Posted: 24-01-13 20:12 by M

lmfao a ain bait bou i doe 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:13 by BigManTing

yur sum maindredr. lol 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:13 by BigManTing

Hahahaha dont b scared

Posted: 24-01-13 20:13 by M

lmfao. safe m :) lol

Posted: 24-01-13 20:14 by BigManTing

Yeaa mind reader..lets go with that :p

Posted: 24-01-13 20:14 by M

Lmfao. bu iz tru doe. shz dif frm gyalz lol. 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:15 by BigManTing

Do u want me to delete my post about "its Z isnt it'?

Posted: 24-01-13 20:15 by M

lmfao a wud luv fo ha ta c bu den agen it wud kil our frenshp so ye tanks :)

Posted: 24-01-13 20:16 by BigManTing

Aww well i hope u do get with her one day...you'd treat her well i can tell

Posted: 24-01-13 20:16 by M

tanks m. a **** reli spek ta neywun bou diz bu yur ezi ta tak to lol 

Posted: 24-01-13 20:19 by BigManTing

Overprotective bros...lol this could becme an interesting story like one of those going behind ur fams back to be with someone...it js happens so much n its only asians who have to be secretive lyk that lool
If she felt that way that is...some ppl often dont realise how they feel about someone because its clouded by a great friendship so i wouldnt lose hope if i were you....u know tht frendship often does lead to other things...

Posted: 24-01-13 20:22 by M