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Why do A-levels have to be so hard?

Posted: 22-01-13 20:40 by M

lmao. bare hard :(

Posted: 22-01-13 20:41 by BigManTing

I cba man. These a-levels are a bit of a pisstake sometimes. This stupid maths isn't sticking in my mind and I got an exam tomoz...should be fun -_- what ones u doing?

Posted: 22-01-13 20:45 by M

lmfao sme. somtymz? al da tymz lol. gud luk. doin- mathz, bio n phyzcz. yu?

Posted: 22-01-13 21:06 by BigManTing

Loool yeh true...once I get into uni then ill be happy but it js seems like its ages away. Thanks ima need all the luck i can get lol, good luck to you too tho. I'm doing maths, bio n chem. Oooh ppl say physics is really hard :/

Posted: 23-01-13 16:29 by M

lol sme ere. *** wit ta go uni. lmao tanx. ye itiz. n it dont hlp wen da techrz *** teach. h8 phyzcz.

Posted: 23-01-13 16:43 by BigManTing

Lol yh only my chem teacher makes sense. What u hopin to do at uni anyway?

Posted: 23-01-13 16:52 by M

am wntin ta do engineern. bu duno. yu?

Posted: 23-01-13 17:01 by BigManTing

Engineering...typical :P I've applied for pharmacyy...

Posted: 23-01-13 17:06 by M

LMFAOO lol daz typcl azwel :) knda

Posted: 23-01-13 17:09 by BigManTing

u a guy? =)

Posted: 23-01-13 17:10 by BigManTing

Lol yh that's tru I suppose...nah girl, I used to b on this a lot more before so it's been a while

Posted: 23-01-13 17:13 by M

o lol. i jz cme ere. wre yu frm? 

Posted: 23-01-13 17:19 by BigManTing

am gesin india? duno lol 

Posted: 23-01-13 17:19 by BigManTing

If u mean in terms of my background then yh, how did u guess that?

Posted: 23-01-13 17:33 by M

 ye. lmao am jz cleva inih. 

Posted: 23-01-13 17:42 by BigManTing

Lol bit spooky but yh, I cba with this maths...I'm js doing whatever I can to avoid looking at it :/ u up to much?

Posted: 23-01-13 17:48 by M

lmfao na dw. wz jz a ges. :) lmao. ntmch. jz doin phzycz hw n tryn ta avod sum1. yu?

Posted: 23-01-13 18:24 by BigManTing

Wondering who ur tryin to avoid lol

Also waitin on pizza n chips :p

Posted: 23-01-13 18:37 by M

lol diz dutty lil gyal :( shz bin bodrin me. 

Lmao yum. am hngry

Posted: 23-01-13 18:48 by BigManTing

looooooooooll haroons a creeepp!!:) 

Posted: 23-01-13 20:01 by adfv

lmfao z na a aint :(

Posted: 23-01-13 20:05 by BigManTing

Wats she been doin tho lol?


Posted: 24-01-13 10:27 by M

Shz stlkn me.big tym :(. Iz scari ya knw lol

Posted: 24-01-13 15:40 by BigManTing

Shz laik z lmfao

Posted: 24-01-13 15:40 by BigManTing