A level Revision Really Stuck!

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š šDearest Get Revising. I am a little stuck with my revision. I’ve always been one that needs constant reassurance on whether what I am doing is right or not. Okay so I am going to explain my situation first then ask where my confusions lie.   Last year I didn't perform very well in my AS examinations. I took Psychology, Sociology, ICT and English Lang/Lit Combined. I got the following grades: E,B,C,E. I truly feel bad about my grades last year. However, I dropped Psychology and carried the other 3 forward. Okay, In English, I completed my coursework and got a very high C but as I want a B overall I need to up my game and my performance in the exam. In ICT I'm on track to get an A in the coursework. In Sociology, it is just 2 examinations at the end of the year. And for ICT and English it is just one exam per subject so that's 2 examinations. All together that’s 5 examinations.In ICT I am resitting my second unit in Summer this year aswell. I understand that this may have potentially become confusing! The issue I have is across my 2 week timetable I have 20 non-contact periods where my tutors are not there at home. My big issue is motivation to revise and actually planning revision now....well, not so much revision that I get bored to death but just enough to I keep up to date with the previous topics I have learnt. In Sociology, for each examination we have learnt 2 topics and for each I did struggle grasping a firm understanding of the topic. Now after explaining my situation for what seems like forever, this is where I believe you come in:  šI want to go back and review the other booklets in Sociology through individual study. My plan that I need to execute is that I spend time - I don't know how long - but spend adequate time with learning and reviewing the content for those booklets; thereafter using that knowledge to answer an essay question. The issue I have is with time management and I really need help with effective use of my time and actual motivation to revise. For Sociology, I have 2 units and I since February completed an essay question on each workbook I was given during contact time with my tutor. I need to find a way of moving away from the fluctuating 12-14/21marks and move into the top band and I struggle to retain the information as if I go back to it a few weeks later it is often hard to remember. In ICT I have an entire unit(8 topics) to revise and I have till June. šHow do I structure my final Easter week of revision to maximise revision time to the full? šI turned to you people online because to me you are the experts and great and super kind people I know I can turn to for advice. I was wondering if anyone of you could help me. Your advices will greatly be appreciated and I say that from the heart. I'm struggling big time with managing time and all the examination stuff so I was thinking of the hours and time I need to put in outside of my tutorial periods each day that would enable me to access high marks this FINAL time round in the Summer? I know it's a lot but I hope someone can help. I have spilled everything out and it may be a little bit dis-bridged in places but I hope you see and understand what I need your advice and help on. If you don't please do message me or something and I will  attempt to clarify. Much Obliged. Thank You. Ibby šDearest Get Revising. I am a little stuck with my revision. I’ve always been one that needs constant reassurance on whether what I am doing is right or not. Okay so I am going to explain my situation first then ask where my confusions lie.

Posted Sun 20th April, 2014 @ 23:52 by Ibrahim - Team GR

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I have currently invested a combo-board (£8.99 at Rymans). I am using the corkside for post-it notes with 1 thing on each. It stops me going over kill and I can read it whenever I look up from typing. I also find have stationary that looks nicer increases motivation (I have these brilliant drawing pins that look like rubber ducks). 

 I am then looking at using the whiteboard bit to do this exercise. 

1. Work out how many 'big topics' could come up in your paper. For example for my F214 I had 4 big topics to study for.

2. Find out how long you have in the exam. The F214 exam was an hour and fifthteen minutes plus my extra time.

3.  Then divide your exam time by number of topics. I worked it out to be roughly 20 minutes.

4. Set that time on an alarm.

5. Write one of your big topics in the middle of the board/ paper.

6. Start the clock and fill in as much as you can about the big topic in the given time.

7. When the time is up. STOP. Listen to a song, grab a drink, nip to loo etc.

8. Grab your revision guide and look at the board, filling in what you missed and correcting where you went wrong.

9. Wait at least an hour.

10. Either do the exercise again with the same topic or with a new topic.

Answered Sun 15th June, 2014 @ 13:48 by Kelly Davies