A-level Results - AS ICT (Change of path: Academics or Vocational?)

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Hi, I would like to be advised on whether I'm better off doing vocational course in ICT (i.e. BTEC Diploma) than the traditional route in this subject.

I did first year of AS ICT and received only a C grade. I looked in more detail and the coursework module grade I received was an A and a E in the exam (which apparently is hard to ace because its a narrow minded memory exam and grade boundaries are extremely high in terms of marks).

The distinction I see in the modules of the course is that I should have taken the vocational route instead.

But I would like to know the experiece of other students who had taken BTEC ICT so I can make a final decision.

Posted Sun 1st September, 2013 @ 18:22 by David Connor
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