A level or IB?

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I like IB because I hear a lot of it is essay based and I'm willing to put in the time and effort to get good results however I don't know if its worth risking it as most A level students have an easier ride. Also I'm thinking about doing english lit and I've been told the IB course is better than the A level course and has better texts.

My IB choices are: English [sl] Maths [hl] German [sl] Economics [sl] Physics [hl] Geography [hl]

AS choices: Further Maths, Physics, Economics, Geography/English (undecided)

Posted Tue 12th March, 2013 @ 17:31 by kumaran

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Firstly, A levels are not as easy as you think. A level students don't have an 'easy ride'. Both IB and A levels are very difficult. I was going to do the IB but i decided not to as it didn't suit me. I preferred going into lots of depth in a few subjects, rather than doing lots of subjects. However if you enjoy lots of subjects, and you prefer having a broader range of knowledge spread out over different subjects then it might be a good idea. IB is a little more difficult than A levels, but not as much as you would think. You only do 3 higher level subjects, whereas at AS level you do 4 and maybe even 5, all of which are very difficult. 

If you have never studied german before then there is also a lower level, which allows you to start from a beginner level. sl is GCSE level, so if you've never done it before then you may struggle, but if you've done it before then you'll be fine. 

If you are undecided about geography/english, then maybe the IB would be better, since you would be able to do both of them. 

For your AS choices though, most schools do not allow you to do further maths without maths as well - have you checked that you can actually do further maths without regular maths? You may struggle doing further maths wihtout regular maths - further maths is even harder than IB hl maths. 

Hope this is helpful. If i were you i'd go with IB. I didn't like it, but i wanted more choice - IB is very restricted. For example I chose to do sciences, and you cannot do that with IB - you can do two sciences maximum. Also you have to do english, which i didn't enjoy as much as other subjects. Plus i hated doing languages - I did gcse french, but i didn't want to take up a language again.

For IB i was going to do: Psychology (hl), geography (hl), maths (sl), english (sl), german (basic level), Biology or history (hl).

For A level i ended up doing: Chemistry, Biology, Physics and next year I am dropping chemistry for geography. So in the end I did subjects I preferred since a levels are more flexible. 

Hope this helps.

Answered Sun 17th March, 2013 @ 16:26 by Tilly - Team GR
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Personally I would go with IB. If you want to take further maths, then the higher IB maths would be best as it is very prestigious. Also if you are undecided between english and geography, then IB would be better. However IB does have slightly more work. Both are hard, even standard subjects for IB. IB gives you more options I have been told. There is some data to suggest that students with IB have a slightly better chance of getting into universities than A-level does and also IB is the way of the future, but I'd really go with what you think is best x 

Answered Thu 18th April, 2013 @ 21:46 by Emily