A level options?

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Miss-know-it-all <3 wrote:


thankyou for the advice, but i still havent decided what sixth form to go to, still got to go to lots open days, wbu? what subjects u thinking of taking??


biology, chemistry, german, and either physics, maths, or english

i hate choices! anyways- im not sure i could cope with three sciences, but ill see

id like to study medecin

ive also got lots of sixthforms to look around, but i'm hoping to get back into my school after year 11. The whole process seems a little daunting, but ive found some other local sixthforms that  i like

Posted: 20-10-12 12:08 by anum

♥ Secret ♥


i found getting work experience a long and annoying process, but im glad ive arranged sumthing now

maybz u cd also shadow someone in a skilled profession; thts wat im trying to do 

ive arranged work experince at an opticians so i might be able to see if id like optimetrics as a back up career option or what

good luk with it tho- work experience is supposed to be about researchin career-y stuff anywaz

nice profile pic too :)

Posted: 20-10-12 12:13 by anum