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i need to pick four out of biology, chemistry, physics, maths and P.E. which four will be best?

Posted: 02-03-12 16:41 by william ridge

biology, chemistry, physics and math.

P.E. wont really do much.

Posted: 13-04-12 17:22 by Rayanne :)

Well it depends what you want to be when you are older? If you want to do something sports related (sports therapist or something) then PE might be useful. If you don't know what you want to be then go with your heart. Good luck.

Posted: 13-04-12 17:26 by LaurenE

^ i agree.

Posted: 13-04-12 17:43 by Lettieexx

shame you havent picked politics its an AMAZING subject :)

Posted: 14-04-12 14:00 by Gabby Tracey