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I dont know what to take for A levels I want to be a primary school teacher. 

I was thinking to taking Health and Social Care (which is worth 2 A levels), Sociology and Biology. What does every one else think is that a good decision??? :) x

Posted: 15-01-12 11:43 by Caroline

any subject is fine as long as u like it

btw my sis is currently doing primary education

Posted: 15-01-12 13:48 by aliimz

My friend is studying to work in primary school and as long as you can explain why you chose that subject, it's okay.

The ones you're thinking of doing sound good. Make sure you get lots of work experience done though!

Posted: 16-01-12 13:45 by Lauren

I think you need to consider subjects that are going to link into the career path that you are interested in taking in the future. English, Maths and Science need to be considered, Health and social care, I would say no, I think you need to focus on academic subjects. 

Posted: 22-03-12 18:26 by Jack Dawson

You should take subjects you enjoy and know you can get good grades in :)

However in my personal opinion its not a good idea to take the double heath and social as some uni's don't look at double awards.

But its what you want to do :P

I'm looking to do primary teaching ATM BTW

Good luck with your choices :D

Posted: 22-03-12 21:18 by Jamilla

I think you should pick subjects that would link in to the subject areas that you would like to focus on in primary education. Look in uni prospectuses and see if you need any particular subject to study primary education

You should also make sure any subject you pick, you really enjoy it and are sure you can get high grades in it. Alevels are hard:(.

Your proposed subject choices sound good.:).


Posted: 26-03-12 03:13 by Stephanie