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Posted: 07-06-12 20:52 by Braniac

beelal wrote:

thats gud.... all u gotta do is divert his attention to sum random job not medicine!!!! Also i tellu this from experience, be with sum1 who's like really really smarter than u (impossible XD ***xx), n then u will get to know how they answer questions  XD ***xx

looool! probs the best advise anyones given me lool xD thankiess *** :)  and truss me, i am soo gonna try to not get him to do medicine, that my line >:)  andd awwhh xD ur too sweet beelal :D ***x

ahh all of the guys in my school are real idiots though :/ ive dated one person from my school, one turned out to be a real douchbag :/. never wished me happy birthday, never said i love you, just wated me to be his girl for status :/

Posted: 07-06-12 20:52 by priya777

well happy birthday bbez on behalf of ur date ;) xxxx

Posted: 07-06-12 20:54 by Braniac

beelal wrote:

well happy birthday bbez on behalf of ur date ;) xxxx

awhh thankyou beelal ;) xxxx 

Posted: 07-06-12 20:55 by priya777

nps xxxxxx ===> lol so much x's XD just for u =D

Posted: 07-06-12 20:58 by Braniac

yay i feel loved xDD and my x's just for you too :D 

xxxx ;)

Posted: 07-06-12 20:59 by priya777

lol thnx but i know the boy who gets u is gonna be luky ;D xxxx

Posted: 07-06-12 21:02 by Braniac

awhh thankyouu ***x

thats if they get me lool ;) ***

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Posted: 07-06-12 21:06 by priya777

lol they will eventually or ull choose sume 1 ;D xxxxx

Posted: 07-06-12 22:23 by Braniac

lool ik :P idk after already dating a guy in my school, i dont feel like dating anyone from that same place again :D but...hmmmm  ;P xxxxx

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Posted: 07-06-12 22:51 by priya777

then date from other schools ===> exapnd ur field of friends form just school to ur school n neighbouring schools etc... im sure there is a gud enough boy for ya bbe n if not ill try n fill that place =P ***

Posted: 07-06-12 23:40 by Braniac

i had a guy in primary school too, year 6. but then we seperated for secondary school. and then found out in yr 7 thats hes going out with some girl in his school and cheating on me. soo yeah, ill think about it :P let time make the dession for me a bit xD and lool awhh xDD xxxxx :D

Posted: 07-06-12 23:51 by priya777

lol u had one in yr 6 as well===> tlk about experience XD xxxx

Posted: 07-06-12 23:53 by Braniac

loool only them 2 xD thats it loool xxxxx :D

Posted: 08-06-12 00:12 by priya777

i am not sure whether we are talking serious birthday or not...but HAPPY BIRTHDAY priya777 anyway xD :P xxxx

Posted: 08-06-12 10:13 by Namita

loool thankyou xD ***  its about my last bf, he never wished me happy birthday ever, never said i love you to me, nothing :/ 

ohh well xD but thankyouu xDD my b day's in july soo not far ^.^ xD 

Posted: 08-06-12 11:29 by priya777