A level History regret

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I chose Alevel History and i'm really regretting it, I'm seriously failling I don't think I understand the content and that shows in the essays that I write, I really want to drop the subject and been thinking this for a very long time but I really don't it's soooooooo confusing. I don't know what to do can someone give me some pros and cons for a level history

Posted: 27-12-12 13:05 by random

I feel the same way... hate A level history and just can't wait to drop it.. people say its good because its a traditional subject that requires lots of thinking but I really hate it...

Posted: 28-12-12 17:55 by ax5za

YAY! I'm not alone, see at my college everyone does 3 subjects and only some do 4 I just happen to be one of the ones doing 4 so I can drop the subject if I wanted to but I I just son't know how to do it or if I should. My friend that I should as it's making life a misery but I can't leave my class as there are people who depend on me what do I do?

Posted: 28-12-12 21:29 by random

And other people tell me that HIstory is good on your application for uni and how it shows writing skills but I just don't feel it 

Posted: 28-12-12 21:30 by random

I felt like this at the start of year 12, I have always loved histroy hit Alevels and thought what am i doing!! but you should all persist with it I did :) if you're struggling with the content find out what you're studying and go look it up in a GCSE book first! there is no harm in doing it, I had a word with my teacher and that's what he did for me.. I still do it now as Year 13 is harder, but you really need to start doing it no and more contextual reading as well as much wider reading as you can do will help you.. I started way too late! and because I decided I loved all of my other subjects too much and that I was going to deffinatly drop history I didn't try in my exams for it.. Now I am re-taking and I have realised how much easier As was to A2 don't drop it, it really is good for Uni because it shows you can hold information I.E dates. also it shows essay skills which  Uni love!! and if you did persist to A2 it also shows that you can go off make your own question find your own sources and write an essay on it.. it does look great on Uni applications :)

Hope I helped..

Bronte :)

Posted: 30-12-12 13:04 by Bronte Debenham

I too took history at the begiinign of the year spend like an hour in the class and decided to drop it mainly because the teacher was soo confused and doubted his own teaching. However, there are still people I know in that class who still want to carry on with it regardless on whether the teacher is more likely to make them all fail if they depend on him. The point is that they love the supject to bits and when ever they are confused, that confusion just drives them to seek help where ever they can get it!!! You need to re-evaluate your self and ask your self do you really have that burning passion for it and is it a vital supject that you need to go on and study your chosen degree later in uni. If so then think about the ways that you could resolve the confusion!! What is it that confuses toy soo much!! Look at books, go back to GCSE (AS is usually GCSE but added a bit more) ask other pupils in your class, stay behind in class and ask the teacher to clarify it or ask other teachers, get tuition, ask any family member that might have done history, go to the student room and ask or just use GOOGLE!! However, if that burning passion isnt within you to drive you, to motivate you regardless then do drop it before it causes you any damage!!!

Also whatever happens, if you do decide to carry on dnt loose the motivasion and the confident as  you can achieve whatever you set your mind to aspire!!!!

Good luck and hope this helps

Posted: 30-12-12 18:42 by mariam

thanks for your suggestions/ advice but on I have already tried the suggestions and it's just not there I think I should drop it but I know that the consquences would come at me from all angles the teachers as my history teachers teach me more than one subject, the people in the class as they will be around most of the time and my family just because they are my family so I don't know :(

Posted: 31-12-12 14:01 by random

Really if you think that dropping it is the best for you then do it!!! Also look at how much the consequence will affect you, if not that much then heck yh drop it!! It will make you forcus more on your other supjects and do better hopfully and you will properly feel a ton of weight of worry lifted from you!!!

So good luck!!!

Posted: 31-12-12 20:12 by mariam

and please do not carry on the supject because of anybody but your self!!!

Posted: 31-12-12 20:14 by mariam

I carried on with Italin at A2 because of my family.. it is the biggest regret ofmy life! i love the subject but the other subject I dropped for it was better for my degree, I just didn't see it at the time, so if that is why you are carryinng on with History don't do it!!

Posted: 01-01-13 12:06 by Bronte Debenham

thanks guys I do feel better about the situatuion

Posted: 01-01-13 18:14 by random