A level english literature♪♫

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I'm currently study AS eng lit on AQA, specifically option A: struggle for modern identitiy. Is anyone else here doing the same? Or even if you are not how is everyone finding the coursework? Mine is not too bad but I worry that my writing is not very succinct!

Posted: 16-02-11 19:57 by Rei~♪♫

I'm doing the same unit, but the coursework is very long, we had to do an extra one because our teacher is extra. <Has anyone read any plays on identity???> 


Posted: 21-02-11 12:59 by <classified>

jst finished my CW bt its like a C coz i find coursework harder. bt i know i'll do well in my exam.

plays: female struggle - 'my mother never said i should' 'top girls'. these are what i did for CW but will use in exam aswell. also extended reading i am using The Buddha of Suburbia and handmaids tale and 1984

they are really gd on female, recial, opression from government. can i ask how r u revisingl and have you started revising yet?

Posted: 22-03-11 10:19 by elshie

Is anyone doing English Literature with OCR? And studying the Wilfred Owen poems and Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice?

Posted: 26-03-11 22:31 by Jasmine

I find Caroline Churchill's play top girls is really confusing, although i enjoyed reading it.  I'll try that 'my mother never said i should.'  

Revisionnnn im currently making notes, quotes and looking at random extracts. It's DUFFY that im finding difficult revising :) poems are plain annoying 

Posted: 27-03-11 18:47 by <classified>