A Level Choices?

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I do psychology, philosophy, eng lit and theatre studies. Psychology is my favourite  by far - its such a relief to do 3, 4 and 6 mark questions when you're used to essays in the other subjects. my advice to 'katie' who is considering philosophy is be very wary about taking it - its not what you'd expect. You learn a lot of dense material over the year (different theories behind certain topics e.g. morality) and in the exam have to select which theory or topic you think applies best to the question. If you are confident about making distinctions like this then you'll enjoy it. 

Posted: 16-05-12 20:06 by Sarah

Hi i do maths, biology, psychology and music. Psychology is by far the easiest for me but some people find it hard. The hardest bit is remembering all the researchers names but its really interesting to learn and you can really apply it to everyday life.

I find maths ok, but it is my best subject and i love it so i suppose it depends on how good you are at it and how much you like it on whether you will find it easy. Biology is quite hard but some of it is really interesting.

I think you really just need to make sure you enjoy it because if you don't then it will make your life 10 times harder. Some of my friends took subjects because they thought they might need it for uni or thought it might be helpful but have grown to hate it and its just made things harder for them because they don't want to have to do it.

Posted: 24-05-12 13:19 by Katie W

Lewis Dewfall wrote:

Hey I am struggling with this too. I love the Sciences and I am good at Maths too. But i really want to do Photography.

I am planing to do Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Photography but they don't really fit well together.

Also I am unfortunately following my brother who took Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, he was an A* student at Secondary School and straight A A-Level on to, going on to do Medicine at University, hard to follow!!!!

But anyway back to me what do you suggest i do about the subjects?

I think they are quite a good combination actually. Biology, chemistry and maths would go quite well together and then you have photography on the side which is a bit different which is good to have. I do biology, maths and psychology which are a good combination and then music which is kind of on the side because it doesn't really go with anything. But i think its ok to have one which is different because it gives you more variety. Good choices!

Posted: 24-05-12 13:23 by Katie W

T wrote:If you have an interest in these subjects and you are confident go for something like Medicine!!!

For my A-level choices I have picked Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and English Literature

I am not sure of Maths or English Literature because they will be really hard, but  I also like these subjects expecially. Can you please help me what to choose and what career should I go for please reply as soon as possible. I would really appreciate if you help me.

Thank you very much.

Posted: 28-05-12 16:52 by akfc

I wrote: Katie, yu need to find your ambitions quickly because its not long before yu have to decide where you are goin to go! .... just wanted to give some friendly advice.

I'm in year eleven now, looking forward to as levels next year. I've picked to do English Literature, Psycology, Art & Philosophy because I know I enjoy the subjects, althought I don't know what I want to be when I'm older regarding a job.. Nevermind, it will sort itself out. But I'm worried that philosophy will be unbearable, I do enjoy it at GCSE but i think its a bit heavy, does anyone have any opinions on it for as & a level? :-)

Posted: 28-05-12 16:58 by akfc

I'm in Year 11 and want to do Bio, Chem, Spanish (or Maths) and English Lit, but they won't let me because Bio and Eng are in the same box, and I'm not going to give up Bio. Any advice on how to sort this problem out?

Posted: 29-05-12 15:07 by Hannah

I'm in year 11 as well and next year I am taking: Biology, Chemistry, Maths, History and Critical Thinking (our school makes us do either critical thinking or citizenship). Anyway, I'm really excited for a-level but I know it is going to be a lot of hard work!

Oh and Hannah, you should really speak to your school about it. Don't end up doing something as a 'second choice' just because the subject you love couldn't be done. They are probably in the same box because of the timetable clashes but if you tell your school how much you want to do english, they may be able to sort something out. Some schools do it in that box system, at some schools it's different. At mine you just have to write the 5 subjects you wanna do and the school does their best to accommodate everyone :)

Posted: 30-05-12 09:47 by Nuha

I asked them if there was any way I could do English and they told me to wait until my GCSE results to decide my options but I know these are the subjects I want to do. The only other way I could do English is if I did Biology through the medium of Welsh(!) and give up spanish! Thanks for the advice Nuha, I'll keep trying to get it sorted :)

Posted: 30-05-12 14:37 by Hannah