A Level Choices?

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I'm just getting ready to start looking at my A levels, but as i want to be prepared for August September time; i would be grateful for some reviews on the A levels that you have taken?

I'm quite interested in English Language and Literature as well as Psychology and History. Feedback would be great. Thank you in advance. 

Posted: 25-03-12 15:49 by Chloe-may

hey! not sure how helpful this is because i don't do any of the subjects you are thinking of :/ but loads of my friends do them :) erm, with english there is A LOT of coursework, but if you know you can get it in on time then it's cool. History there are a lot of essays but from what i've heard it's a really good subject. apparently psychology is quite easy so after the other three you can have a break lol :) if you're interested in any others, i do biology, chem, maths and geography. bio and maths are really hard in my opinion, but chem and geog are really good and there is no coursework and there is a geography fieldtrip you have to go on which is always fun :D it really depends on what you want to do and what grades you are going to get at GCSE. hope this helps!!! and good luck

Posted: 25-03-12 21:04 by Hannah (:

Hi :D i'm doing history AS at the moment, its a lot better than GCSE in terms of content and interest, but there is a lot of stuff to remember for exams, but i suppose all AS are like that. If you enjoy history definately take it, my best advice is take subjects you like, not what you think you should, and at AS start revision early and keep your notes neat :D hope this was  helpful, slight rant though! :)

Posted: 03-04-12 22:12 by alex

I'm doing english lit as at the moment, and it is very good. There is a lot of wider reading involved for your exam, and you have to remember quotes and notes from everything you have looked at, but it is a really good subject. Some people in my class are aiming for As and A*s overall at the end of A2, so if you are really good at analysing and finding alternative interpretations you will do really well :)

Posted: 04-04-12 11:08 by Sophie

For my A-level choices I have picked Biology, Chemistry, Maths, and English Literature

I am not sure of Maths or English Literature because they will be really hard, but  I also like these subjects expecially. Can you please help me what to choose and what career should I go for please reply as soon as possible. I would really appreciate if you help me.

Thank you very much.

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Posted: 04-04-12 17:34 by T

i do english language and absolutely hate it, but psychology is really great i enjoy it a lot. 

Posted: 04-04-12 20:37 by Nadia Sultana

Thank you for all the answers, this has helped me alot. :) Good luck with all your a-levels.

Posted: 10-04-12 12:57 by Chloe-may

I am doing English Lit, Psychology and Economics AS at the moment. English lit is a lot of work. I got an A for this at GCSE and if you are good at finding alternative interpretations, essay writing and enjoy reading then this is a good subject. You need to be prepared to do some background reading on the poems, novel, writers, poet and some historical context. Also for the exam you need to be able to remember a couple of key quotes and techniques. The coursework was fine for me because I planned my time out and completed everything for the deadlines. This is a good but challenging subject, but again you have to enjoy reading in order to enjoy it (I know this sounds obvious but some people choose it as a last resort and don't read much).

For Psychology you have to be interested in people and quite good at writing and discussion. I find this the most interesting out of all my subjects. This involves remembering a lot of key studies, evaluations of studies and definitions. It is also important to do some outside reading; so this may involve reading revision sites or getting other revision guides. Also it is a lot of stuff to remember. 

Hopefully, this didn't put you off-you'll need to do a lot of work in any A-level you do and be expected to do extra reading outside class in any subject. ENglish lit and Psychology are both interesting but they are a big step up from english and science GCSE. 

Good luck with choosing the right A-levels!

Posted: 10-04-12 15:18 by kira

I'm in year eleven now, looking forward to as levels next year. I've picked to do English Literature, Psycology, Art & Philosophy because I know I enjoy the subjects, althought I don't know what I want to be when I'm older regarding a job.. Nevermind, it will sort itself out. But I'm worried that philosophy will be unbearable, I do enjoy it at GCSE but i think its a bit heavy, does anyone have any opinions on it for as & a level? :-)

Posted: 11-04-12 17:18 by Katie

I suggest you study A level Government and Politics. It is really good but after your first month studying it, you would feel to drop it but DONT. Its fun and really relates to our everyday lifes eg government and how we are governed, Parliament, Laws like Human Rights. Without Human rights our country wouldn't be democratic meaning we would all be treated unfairly. It is really fun.

Studying politics at University enhances your chances of getting a job in ANY sector. for example in media, business etc

Posted: 11-05-12 10:45 by frankie iheukor

I would like to A-level maths , Photography and human biology but i do not know what to do for my fourth option.i picked those subjects as i am good at them and enjoy them but i do not know what jobs will go well with those subject and what i can do for my last option .... i want to keep options open so i applied for chemisrty but i think it will be too hard. Does any one have any opinions , advise or can tell how those subjects are at A - level ?

Posted: 11-05-12 14:50 by Suman Bansal

I do biology, chemistry, maths and psychology.

Of those, chemistry is the hardest.

Maths is my favourite.

Psychology is the easiest (it isn't difficult to understand but there is a lot of information to remember if you want to do well you really need to be able to memorise things)

Biology is probably the most interesting.

I'd recommend any of them to you

Posted: 11-05-12 16:35 by Former Member


I do biology, chemistry, maths and psychology too.

I find that chemistry is the easiest personally and biology the hardest x

Posted: 13-05-12 12:20 by Georgina

actually, maths is probably the easiest

Maths chemistry, psychology, biology

in that order.

but im a maths nerd x

Posted: 13-05-12 12:20 by Georgina

actually, maths is probably the easiest

Maths chemistry, psychology, biology

in that order.

but im a maths nerd x

Posted: 13-05-12 12:20 by Georgina

for psycology you have to remember  a LOT of studies, but generally not too hard **

Posted: 13-05-12 12:21 by Georgina

Thank you all for your help it has helped but put me at a dead end as to what to do now :L. Thanks again.

Posted: 14-05-12 18:09 by Chloe-may

Thank you all for your help it has helped but put me at a dead end as to what to do now :L. Thanks again.

Posted: 14-05-12 18:09 by Chloe-may

Chloe-may, do you have any idea what you want to do when your older, or into what field?

Posted: 14-05-12 18:21 by Hummi C

Sorry if you've already said, i can't really be bothered to read the whole thread ;D

Posted: 14-05-12 18:22 by Hummi C

I do English Literature and English Language at the moment, and I find English Language is easier than Literature. I got an a in both of them at GCSE, but English Literature is much more about in-depth analysis of the texts compared to English Language which you have to revise a whole load of terminology and annotate the text in front of you. Sometimes though, i do find that Language helps me in Literature, as I am constantly looking through pieces of texts to analyse and annotate, just remember though, both subjects require a different vocab base, as in the past, I have applied some language terminology to practice essays in Literature and my teacher has had to tell me to focus on literary devices.

Posted: 14-05-12 20:48 by Aimee

Hey I am struggling with this too. I love the Sciences and I am good at Maths too. But i really want to do Photography.

I am planing to do Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Photography but they don't really fit well together.

Also I am unfortunately following my brother who took Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths and Further Maths, he was an A* student at Secondary School and straight A A-Level on to, going on to do Medicine at University, hard to follow!!!!

But anyway back to me what do you suggest i do about the subjects?

Posted: 15-05-12 19:45 by Alistair Dewfall

I suppose you just have to be prepared for essays and stuff. It doesn't matter what you take because every A level is hard, but if you take things you enjoy then you will be more motivated to learn things and do your homework on time.

Take things you enjoy rather than what you're good at, but I suppose if you're good at it you probably enjoy it and if you enjoy it you're probably good at it.

Anyway good luck choosing guyZ x x

Posted: 15-05-12 22:28 by Bbygurl123

I do



Business and Economics

I did do maths but it was far to hard so I droped it

If you want to know more about a subject, go and see a teacher who teaches it and ask them what it will be like

Posted: 16-05-12 10:07 by Rebecca

hey, i do biology , chemistry, psychology and IT . as your thinking about psychology ill give my views on that, i have really enjoyed it this year as it looks at diferent types of psychology. one thing i will say is when it comes to exams i learnt that you will get more marks for things if you put in lots of detail. 

Posted: 16-05-12 15:01 by Danni