a level business

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wat r ur views on it - iz it hrd?????? =)

Posted: 24-04-12 17:40 by Sabah x

i think that a-level business is quite good Sabah ** and im takin it for a-level ** <3x

Posted: 12-05-12 08:04 by faizan rashid

Its deff not hard, almost the same as GCSE , ive asked alot of people about it. I wanted to do it for A level but its considered a really soft subject which isint highly recognised at all so i decided to take economics instead ,its better to do that  than business 

Posted: 13-05-12 18:14 by Lamise Hassan

oh thnx =D

Posted: 15-05-12 08:51 by Sabah x

Ive done As level busines and now doing business at A2 Its good and it also depends on what board your with Im doing OCR and there mostly coursework however the As year below me swaped and are doing another where there is only one exam which they also say is good.

Posted: 15-05-12 09:37 by Crimson Wings

thnx =D

btw ur pic kinda freaks me out

Posted: 15-05-12 10:23 by Sabah x