A2 - unit 2 resit prep. -

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I have put on a sample question for index of diversity. Only a sub-section to get people all warmed up. I will keep adding more questions ready for Chrimbo hols.

As the Yoda said to the knife, "may the fork be with you".

Posted: 09-12-09 20:47 by Mike McNicholas

Hahahaha may the fork be with you.

Wow. That tickled me that did,

Thanks keeno! :]

Posted: 10-12-09 19:08 by Lauren Carry

Sample question where? :S

Posted: 12-12-09 19:00 by Banisha Nayyar

that would be the index of diversity question - see matthew about it - he found it!

Posted: 13-12-09 21:18 by Mike McNicholas