A2: Psychology or Sociology

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I'm near the end of my AS year, and I have to drop a subject next year but I'm not sure which.

I want a career in Journalism, so think Sociology would be more helpful long term, and I've been getting higher grades in the exams.
However, I enjoy psychology more, and everyone always says choose what you like or else you'll regret it...

So...what would you do?

Posted: 18-05-12 18:03 by Beth


Posted: 18-05-12 18:04 by LP-FTW

keep Sociology! - you'll grow to love it :) and it's a lot more interesting at A2

Posted: 18-05-12 22:00 by Bakang Moholo

So it gets better then? I know we're doing crime and mass media, which sounds more interesting :)

Thank you! 

Posted: 19-05-12 17:37 by Beth

hmm...it seems you enjoy Sociology more.


Posted: 19-05-12 17:53 by LP-FTW

haha, that's the problem...I like both. But I have to drop one :/ just undecided as to which one

Posted: 19-05-12 20:05 by Beth

It gets loadss better!! a good journalist is one that would need to do good sociological work and journalists often use sociologists as sources for analysis.. Sociology!! woop woop!! :D

Posted: 20-05-12 15:56 by Bakang Moholo

You don't technically HAVE to drop a subject...

Posted: 20-05-12 16:00 by Neon

that is if she can handle the work load of all four subjects... :/

Posted: 20-05-12 16:04 by Bakang Moholo

I think it would be difficult to find time for everything, it just depends how committed to it you are :)

Posted: 20-05-12 16:20 by Neon

no, I'm definitely gonna drop one because I really want to do extended project next year!

So far, I think I'm stick with sociology, but I'm gonna see what grade I got in the exam first. 
Thanks for the help :) 

Posted: 21-05-12 21:01 by Beth

I do both sociology and psychology at A2, but I think psychology is so much better than sociology..... last year ((at AS)) it was the complete opposite, I preferred sociology over psychology.

But at the end of the day, it's your choice ^_^

Posted: 21-05-12 21:33 by Fyzah :p

i think you should do both, at the end of the year see which one you didn't like and drop it. 

Posted: 21-05-12 21:49 by LP-FTW

what's your other subject that you're doing?

Posted: 22-05-12 08:56 by Bakang Moholo

I do media studies and English too, but I'm gonna carry on with them, since I wanna study journalism at uni :)

Posted: 22-05-12 10:06 by Beth

yeh I'd really go with Sociology :) it just fits in with the others.. and a lot that you do in Media will link in with what you do at A2 in Sociology with Mass Media.. I also do English language :)

good luck anyways :)  

Posted: 22-05-12 11:16 by Bakang Moholo

Thank you, that's good to know, haha :)

Thanks for all the other replies too! 

Posted: 22-05-12 12:10 by Beth

you're welcome :)

Posted: 22-05-12 12:37 by Bakang Moholo

I was doing both in AS and got an A for sociology and a B for psychology . Dropped sociology though cos I liked psychology more. More interesting in my opinion (:

Posted: 23-05-12 14:16 by Rahma