A2 History- Past Papers/Revision aids

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I'm doing A2 History on the Edexcel exam board and there seems to be very little revision-wise to help. I've looked online for hours to try and find revision guides and can only find one for the exam board on Henry Vlll's reign (Amazon). I obviously have my own notes and there are a few past questions on the edexcel web site but there just doesn't seem to be coverage of Elizabeth, Edward, Mary or anyone other than henry in an actual revision book. If anyone has found anything or can tell me where to find some useful resources it would be appreciated! :)

Posted: 02-05-11 10:45 by SarahM

What do you mean by resources? If it's specific information you are looking for, normally you can find it just by googling a particular event or person and looking at other schools' resources. I'm doing Edexcel A2 too - a different topic though, and it works for me!

Posted: 11-05-11 18:57 by Jemima K

Looking for literally any reliable material that fits with the edexcel spec. It seems very limited in that I can't acess much on the web site and the official textbook isn't published till mid-late June this year which is after my exam. Just feel a little bit out of my depth not knowing 100% if what I'm revising is even right. I think it has got a lot to do with my teachers in that they're a bit **** and don't even know what info to give us :(

Posted: 16-05-11 09:19 by SarahM