A2 Government and Politics Unit 3A and 4A

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Does anyone have any notes on edexcel government and politics unit 3a and 4a because i can't seem to find anything on it?

Posted: 11-02-13 21:24 by Anisha

does that cover for example liberalism in unit 3a? and in 4a nationalism or is that a different syllabus.

Posted: 11-03-13 13:03 by isam

no it is about UK's and EU's politcal issues. So would include topics on the eu, like the institutions of the EU and enlargement. UK's politcal issues include environmental, law and order and welfare state policies. I really need notes and can't find any because not a lot of students do the route A of A2 

Posted: 23-03-13 13:53 by Anisha

Im doing Unit 3D and we cover EU institutions and enlargement so type that in the search bar when looking for resources and there should be a resources (word doc) that says Unit 3D: Revision notes. Click on that and whatever you need on the EU should be there, it might be helpful.

Posted: 02-04-13 12:40 by Amina