A2 Business Economics (Competition Policy)

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Does anyone have any notes or know of any revision sites or books that I can find revision notes about competition policy like the OFT and Competition Commission?

And also on things like non-price competition etc.

I really need help with that topic as it comes up a lot in the A2 Unit 3 exam!

Any help appreciated :)

Oh and merry christmas! (Y) 'tis the season to be jolly...' (just to add abit of festive cheer on this coold day) lol :)

Posted: 25-12-10 15:41 by Econ123

you might find something on tutor2u.net

not sure but have a look anyway :)


Posted: 29-12-10 14:07 by Maddie

Oh, I've seen this website before. It is a great website, but there's not much on competition policy and regulation to promote competition etc.

But thanks anyways :) Your help is still appreciated. What exam board are u on for Econ?

Posted: 29-12-10 17:17 by Econ123

maybe try biz/ed if its not to late. 

i'm not sure but i am sitting the F581 paper on wed. 

Posted: 09-01-11 12:27 by Maddie

oh I'm on Edexcel exam board for Economics.

Well, good luck for the exam! Hope it goes well :)

Posted: 11-01-11 22:45 by Econ123