A2 AQA can someone give me some examples of varied structures I could use in my writing for the essay

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I'm writing about a small region in France and was wondering if someone could help come up with interesting vocab and a number of different and complex structures I could use.. thanks in advance.

Posted Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 11:19 by Bakang Moholo

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I'm speaking from an AS point of view so it's probably different from A2 but on the grammar side examiners love present subjunctive, past subjunctive (which i find easier than present and it looks better?), apres avoir + perfect, imperfect + conditional and you've probably learnt other stuff as well in A2

Vocab side, I got given a vocab list for my AS topics but has your teacher not given you anything? Also if your school has it (or indeed you) use kerboodle, if not it's like £4 or something and it has loads of reading and listening exercises and well as vocab lists

Hope this helps :)

Answered Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 13:50 by Imogen
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yeah, it's been a while since I did any writing practice and I feel like all knowledge of grammar has left my mind. But yeh I often use kerboodle, was on it this morning in college :P its great isnt it :) but I still feel nervous when I'm faced with an essay question in front of me and not having any reference to anything. So I thought I'd learn set phrases that are already put into complex structures and try to revise that way... :/

Answered Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 16:15 by Bakang Moholo
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Hmm fair enough, well make sure you always plan the essay before writing it :)

here are some suggestions for complex structures.. take what you want and ignore what you don't like :)

bien que la region soit petite, elle a beaucoup d'autres choses...

(although the region is small, it has a lot of other things (could say that it's picturesque or touristic etc))

si on (s'on?? :S) construisait plus de magisins, il y aurait plus de touristes

(if you built more shops, there would be more tourists)

après avoir visité la région, je peux dire qu'elle est magnifique... etc

(after having visited the region, i can say that it is magnificent)

En allant ici, on peut......, pourvu qu'on veuille .....

(by going here, you can...., provided that you want to.....) (good old present participle there too..)

These are probably all irrelevant to what you have to write, I just have no idea what you do in A2 :L hopefully it will give you some ideas :)

Btw I'm not trying to patronise you or anything by putting the translations there, that's just to show what I was trying to say, in case i'm wrong or anything xD

Answered Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 16:35 by Imogen
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Just thought of another

On ne peut pas nier qu'il y ait/elle soit

(you cannot deny that there are/it is)

Btw if you want help with grammar the first website will give you all the conjugations for any verb and the second has games and verb charts to help you learn :)



Answered Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 17:45 by Imogen
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I don't find it patronising at all, thanks. I've used that subjunctive! :'D examiners love'em! but yeh most of it is helpful - I love the "after having.." construction, and "provided that.." and yeh the tourism est un part de la region qui souffre and it's helpful I guess mentioning about the shops..etc. 'd totally forgotten about the "si" clause..definately having that. Thanks, it's all coming back now hehehe before you'd sent this I'd tried to write a few down and its just added to the list.

If you need help with anything, let me know. I guess my strong point is the oral/speaking, and any translation - so speaking and reading.. need a bit of work on my writing as you can tell :') thanks again! I'm gna try the sites you've mentioned.

Answered Tue 22nd May, 2012 @ 23:33 by Bakang Moholo
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Haha thanks, already had my oral, now have the rest tomorrow! Good luck! :)

Answered Thu 24th May, 2012 @ 14:26 by Imogen
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alright, hope you did well :)

Answered Fri 1st June, 2012 @ 09:59 by Bakang Moholo