7 Basic Benefits of a Good Education

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It’s an already established fact that education is your ticket to a satisfied and carefree life in terms of a better employment. Experience certainly matters in some cases you won’t be able to get that far without elaborate research.

To reach to the top and advance, you need to have knowledge acquirable only through published, verified works by renowned authors and conduct your own studies. Although you can get online assistance and dissertation writing help by PhD Dissertation Writers and such, it’d help you further if you know exactly what the key benefits you’re hauling in on the long run.

Apart from the cliché sayings which dictate that the pen is mightier than the sword and the importance of friendship and communication, let us discuss the benefits of education which are relevant today and each student must know.

1.    Respect

Education demands respect. Each profession is respected in its own way, but in a sad reality today, people are quick to judge and only cater to those who have a certain level of education with a valid proof of a diploma or degree.  So if you are educated, you are sure to be respected.

2.    Status

There is also a societal stigma associated with respecting people who are rich. But when you meet someone for the first time, they’re not going to ask how much money you have. A more valid question which pops up is being asked what you do for a living. Your educational status determines your value and employment, not just the money in your pocket.

3.    Discipline

When we were in younger classes, we were forced to line up for assemblies and march past in a certain manner. We were told to have a proper dress code and conduct, maintain our tidiness and have our hair set in a certain way. I grew up in a convent school, so I’m familiar with all the strict manners of discipline one can imagine.

At that time, we had no idea why it was so important to maintain our composure and the need for such strict discipline. But as I grew up, I began to realize that it certainly affected the way people perceived you and took you seriously. It boosted my confidence and I could face people with my head held high.

As we grow up, study, and become more knowledgeable, our understanding grows and so does our mind. We manage to learn new things and behavior.

4.    Management

Being late for class and made to stand out for a certain period of time, trying to dodge the imploring gazes of our classmates. How many of us have been through that?

You certainly remember receiving a fixed amount of pocket money which you had to learn to drag through the entire day, week or even a month. How has that helped you today with your management skills? How can you hope to make decisions, manage your time, and lead others if you never managed to control yourself and handle your own issues? You know the answer to that yourself.

5.    Friends

It’s tough to get past peer pressure even when you are faced against the friends you’ve made. It’s great to have someone to talk to and being offered suggestions, but competitive jealousy is a tough mistress to handle. Grudging respect can turn to envy, which can lead to prejudiced bitterness.

6.    Individual Attention

There are different categories of students in each class, and each is tackled in their own individual way. For example, a task like climbing a tree cannot be assigned to maintain “equality” if the students consist of a monkey, a cat and a fish is in no way equal.

This is a mistake some educational institutes tend to make. Again, it’s a sad reality that grades are a relative measure to tabulate student performance.

The plus side is that each student is measured differently with feedback and suggestions for improvement catering to their own way of thinking and unique strengths. If someone loves music but has a hard time in math, he can relate music to math and vice versa.

7.    Setting your Own Pace

Once you reach higher education, it’s pretty much understood that as long as the strength of each student is catered to it ceases to matter as long as they are reaching the same learning objective. Each student has his own pace. It’s useless to feel bad and stressing yourself out if you continue to compare yourself with others. Similar to a monkey quickly climbing a tree, it can drown in water when faced against a fish.

Many people are uncertain about choosing a career path early in life. It’s a time of exploration. The more “formal” education you have, the more confidence you’ll gain. As a new graduate, those in hiring positions will base an opinion of you largely on the basis of your education. If the education on your résumé looks impressive, they are more likely to give you a call and see you as hardworking.

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